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Standard DDR5 will present in 2018

The JEDEC Committee said the date of preparation of standard RAM DDR5, which will replace the fourth generation, has just begun its spread at a normal pace. The specification will be ready very soon, just next year.

In 2018, the world will get acquainted with the final version of the standard DDR5, however, if anyone can’t wait to call DDR4 outdated technology, they will be able to do it on June 19 of this year, when will be disclosed the preliminary features of the new RAM. Moreover, know something now, and we are ready to share this information with you. In particular, the memory is Double Data Rate 5, or simply provide twice the bandwidth compared to DDR4 memory, and twice the density.

This means that the modules will be a bole capacity, and increase the total volume of the bar. In the end we get a lot of fast memory, which is also energy consumes, on average, 30 percent fewer than DDR4. According to experts, the spread of DDR5 will start in 2019, and the first will get very powerful workstations, gaming laptops and servers, and in 2020, when all played enough with DDR4, which was released in 2014, will begin DDR5 penetration in all segments of the computer market.

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