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Ruslan Sokolovsky received a suspended sentence for catching pokemon in the temple

Story of Ruslan Sokolovsky, a Russian blogger, found themselves unwanted by the Church, continued. A young guy tried to rid the Church on Blood in Yekaterinburg from the scourge of evil, from pokemon, but as soon as I saw the sky in hestego — he was sentenced to a conditional jump.

Just think: a very young man now has a conditional, but still a conviction, in our country this is a very serious problem, and condemned him immediately for 3.5 years only because he was trying to catch in the temple of pokemon. He is charged with insulting the feelings of believers, and is based on what all the charges around him. The verdict was passed by judge Catherine Sepanek, recognizing Sokolowski Winnebago of inciting hatred and offending religious feelings, so now you know what not to do in Russia, in addition to spelled out in the criminal code prohibitions: you can’t order the Xiaomi smartphones from China and catch the fictional pokémon in a virtual game Pokemon Go while in temples and churches.

It should be noted that only one was saved by Ruslan Sokolovsky from the real prison — he had no other criminal record, otherwise he would sit in a cell with rapists and murders. Gentlemen, be vigilant and don’t let the authorities to sue itself out of nowhere.

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