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Resonant accident with participation of son Shufrych: fresh details

Резонансная авария с участием сына Шуфрича: свежие подробностиCar accident victim regained consciousness.

The victim in road accident with Nestor Shufrych, Jr., Alexey Melnichenko is conscious and trying to communicate.

This was reported by the victim’s father, Viktor Melnichenko, who arrived today in Kiev.

“The son is weak, can not speak, because connected to the system. But the questions respond adequately, communicate by signs. The doctors who do them say that the dynamics of the improvement of the status positive,” said Victor.

According to the father of the victim, to know where the disappeared son had through his friends on the Internet, some time parents didn’t know what happened to the guy.

“We learned about the incident later – after about half a day. It is our fault, of course, because it did not complete data, where the son will be, when you go to Kiev. Through his friends I found it. He was here a few days employment. He graduated from the agricultural University, majoring in improver, but due to a number of reasons did not work in the specialty. He wanted to find a Barista, he has worked in this profession at home,” – said the man.

With the side of the initiator of the communication is fruitful. After the arrival of the father of the victim informed about all the circumstances of the incident and treatment, and also offered to take Alexis in a private clinic, to which the man agreed.

“There is no malice, they behave like human beings. We don’t want no revenge. The only thing I want is to solve this problem. The problem for us, the injured party and blame. Our only desire is to Alex recovered and got to his feet. On their part done everything possible”, – said Melnichenko.

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