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Potap and Nastya Kamensky said, as fighting

Потап и Настя Каменских рассказали, как ругаютсяThe artists told about the conflicts that arose between them.

According to celebrity, they can easily depart after a quarrel and try to keep each other evil. Potap and Nastya also admitted that the fans motivate them to create new songs.

Last year the Duo Potap and Nastya celebrated the anniversary. From the moment charismatic artists first came on the scene, it took more than ten years. However, celebrities are full of energy and creative plans. In the future they hope to surprise fans of bright and exciting hits. In a recent interview Potap and Nastya told about how they manage to get along with each other for such a long period of time. They admitted that even in their well-coordinated team, conflicts can arise. Fortunately, the stars are akodjenou. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“When in a relationship – both in family and in creative – there is a split, always both to blame. I don’t have time to fight, I quickly go to reconciliation. Nastya is also very forgiving. Honestly, we have repeatedly recognized that the Duo was exhausted. But people who from year to year, listen to our songs and come to the concerts, give us a faith ourselves, and we continue to move forward together,” – said Potapov.

In turn, Nastya Kamenskikh said that the creative Duo, like any interpersonal relationship, can survive different periods. In recognition of the singer, ten years of collaboration they Potapov faced with many boundary points. However, actors are not separated, as often happens in show business. The fact that all of their conflicts were small and frivolous.

Recall that recently Nastya Kamensky suffered a third operation on his leg. A celebrity for a long time was restored after unsuccessfully went skydiving last summer. In his blog Kamensky is trying to share with fans information on how to pass her rehabilitation. Nastya’s fans believe that she will soon recover completely and once again begin to dance. Despite everything that had happened to her, Kamensky maintains a positive attitude and hoped for the best. According to the artist, it began a new period in life.

By the way, many fans of the Duo noted that in recent times the farm has changed greatly. Artist noticeably thinner. According to the man, he managed to lose about twenty five pounds. At the moment Potap maintains shape through sports and diet. “We must take responsibility for their health – be active, don’t eat everything”.

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