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MegaFon subscribers compensates for the lack of communication due to a failure

Recently cellular operator MegaFon has gone offline, almost a day without leaving when millions of subscribers across the country. The accident happened on may 19, but now everything has been restored, and now the management of the company intends to compensate its users with the inability to make a call, surf the Internet or send a message.

Recall that the reason for failure when the Megaphone was the problem on one of the key elements of the provider network developed by HP. The software also wrote it, so the conspiracy theories can start to talk about the New world attempts to deprive Russia of the connection. About who in the end will be extreme, the judge is not us, it’s our job to inform you that all subscribers affected by the accident, will be offered three options of payment, one of which, in the conditions of Russian reality, completely useless.

MegaFon will offer subscribers free exactly 1 (one) of the new movies on the Megaphone.TV, as if not knowing exactly where the vast majority of Russians free watching these same movies. Two other options are much more interesting: it’s either 2 GB of mobile Internet or 1 GB plus 50 minutes of voice. You can choose to be any one. We also add that the failure of the company led to a massive growth in subscriber bases of other operators in Russia.

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