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iRobot Braava Jet 250 will protect the house from germs and dirt

Daily wet cleaning of the apartment is the way not only to clean but also to health. Dust and dirt are removed much faster if they pre-moisten, while not formed a threat for Allergy sufferers mist, humidified air, and if you add a bit of disinfectant, it can effectively deal with bacteria and viruses that are now as relevant as ever. Here only crawl every day with a rag on the floor is not like all. Fortunately, now there is someone who will perform this work for you – robot-polisher .ru%2firobot%2fbraavajet250%2f” id=”14″ title=”” target=”_blank”>iRobot Braava Jet 250. “American” efficiently cleans floors, makes semi-dry and dry cleaning, and thanks to its compact size gets into corners where you don’t get the human hand. There is such assistant is not expensive, but the benefits really a lot.

Equipment - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The robot is Packed in double carton cardboard. Small size and weight make it easy to transport. Inside is everything you need to keep it clean: the robot Braava Jet 250, battery and charger, 2 bags of special means for washing 30 ml, reusable nozzle for cleaning floors and 6 disposable wipes (two for dry, semi-dry and wet cleaning). The kit also comes manual, but only in European languages, Russian manual can be found in the corporate application. By the way, when you purchase in the official store give a gift and yet a liter of antiseptic.


Braava Jet 250 has a square shape and is characterized by its compact size (dimensions 170x180x84 mm). This allows the robot to penetrate into hard to reach places under the furniture and clean in corners and along baseboards. The device is made of glossy white plastic and has a spring loaded bumper, softening the collision with obstacles. Is the front nozzle, through which the spray liquid at a distance of about 10 cm At the rear part there is a removable capsule with a Li-Ion battery, 1950 mAh, which will have to be manually set to charge.

A single pushbutton labeled “Clean” is located on the top panel. The button itself and several areas around it are highlighted. Next is a folding carry handle, under which hides the lever for removal of the nozzle and the filler opening of the tank volume of 150 ml, closed with a rubber plug. A little, but this is enough, until the battery is exhausted. Inside the container there is a filter to prevent the ingress of foreign bodies into the device.

From below on the vibrating platform installed nozzle: simply insert them on either side in the runners. A special sensor will determine the type of tissue and choose the appropriate programme of work. Moves cleaner on two wheels with a soft coating mounted on swinging in a vertical plane the platform. The corners of the sensor height, so the stairs it will not fall off. No cameras and additional sensors help to Orient in space, the Braava Jet 250 no, but he copes without them.

Management and principles of

Before you start using, recharge the battery (takes about 2 hours) and fill the reservoir with fluid. As the latter can be either plain water, or its mixture with a complete cleaning agent, which increases the efficiency of cleaning. You can also add an antiseptic liquid to disinfect the floors. Set the required cloth, press button “Clean” to enable and then again to start cleaning.

For orientation Braava Jet 250 creates a virtual map of the room and begins methodically to pass it forward and to the right, but not crossing its home position. Once she reached the wall, he switches to the remaining sections. In the end, it pays to start in the lower left corner of the room, relative to the position of the robot. Clearing the entire room, he will pay an additional route along the baseboards and back to the starting point. Polisher independently inspects furniture and other obstacles, confidently overcomes the thresholds, but never goes on the carpet.

You can install a virtual limitation to Braava Jet 250, for example, are not left outside the room: instead of a short key, held the power key for a few seconds, around the button, you will see two strips, and through the rear plane of the robot will pass an imaginary line, across which he will not. Polisher will never spray liquids on the furniture: first it goes forward then back and spray water on proven space. If Braava Jet 250 will feel that battery’s about to die, it will include a red led and returns to the start. Also all commands the robot confirms beeps.

To control the robot it is possible and using proprietary iRobot Home app (for iOS and Android), but because the connection is via Bluetooth, you need is within 10 meters from the device. The utility allows you to remotely start and stop the service, to track the status of work to run a local cleaning (the square with side 1 m), to read the instructions and adjust the flow rate for each mode.

Modes of operation

Depending on the installed nozzle, Jet Braava 250 independently switched to one of three modes of operation. “Washing floors” (blue cloth) is the most productive program sprayed more water, and the head is vibrating with high frequency scrubbing the ingrained dirt. The robot moves in the radial trajectory, passing three times at each site. The processing of one meter, on average, spent 5.5 minutes, and the battery lasts for 20 squares. After completing the program, the floor is slightly damp. This method is suitable for cleaning tile, stone or linoleum. If you use a reusable nozzle after cleaning, you must rinse it in soapy water.

In the “Wet cleaning” (the orange cloth), a wet polisher floors a small amount of water passes straight once returned a bit ago, and the process repeats. Speed in this mode is much higher – about 3.5 minutes on one square, and the battery lasts for 35-foot room. This program will be ideal for wooden flooring. “Dry cleaning” (white napkin) does not consume the liquid, but simply collects from the floor, dust and dander. The nozzle is impregnated with a special compound, whereby the dirt better it sticks. Per square meter spent about 2 minutes and a single charge is enough to clean a 3 bedroom apartment.


Despite its compact size, Braava Jet 250 proved to be extremely effective. He copes with the dried footprints, drops of grease, spilled coffee and juice on all types of coatings without damaging them. The robot easily gets into those places that are usually left not clean: under sofas, cupboards, tables and bathroom fixtures. Due to its almost silent operation, it can be operated at night. I liked that the device can realize both dry and wet cleaning, without requiring any configuration: simply install the desired nozzle and push one button. Contact with used napkins is also not necessary: it is enough to pull the lever, and she immediately goes in the trash. Thanks to a special impregnation, after cleaning creates a sense of purity and freshness, and the ability to pour antiseptic effectively deal with the germs. Unfortunately, the battery is usually not enough to clean the entire apartment, so it’s best to buy a spare.


Braava Jet 250 from iRobot is an automated little helper who will keep the cleanliness and health of his master. The robot is very compact, efficient and functional, it copes equally well with both dry and wet cleaning, has a mode of “virtual walls” and can be controlled from your phone. The most pleasant is that the device not only saves time and effort, but not much burden the wallet: on the official website it can be purchased for 15 900 rubles.

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