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Every fifth business in Russia closed forever

Каждый пятый бизнес в России закрылся навсегда

Less than half of Russian businessmen were able to return to full work after coronavirus quarantine, while one in five business pandemic destroyed forever.

Such data received chamber of Commerce (CCI) of the Russian Federation, interviewing 26,8 thousands of entrepreneurs from 83 subjects of the Russian Federation, 98% of which are micro, small or medium-sized business. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

At the beginning of July, 48% of entrepreneurs said that their business had already started work. 32% reported that it restored or try to adapt.

With 13% completely closed, and 7% are in the process of closing, according to the study, which is quoted by TASS.


On the existence of an action plan for recovery activities 37% of businessmen, 40% is just watching the situation, and 23% no plan no.

Over one third (37%) of the businessmen believed that the restoration of business they will take from six months to a year. Another quarter (27%) expect to recover in one to two years, and 19% for a term of three to six months.

Less than a third (31%) entrepreneurs stated that they would receive subsidies and preferential loans through the infrastructure support business.

For most of these measures are available, and they’re going to either use their own savings (34%) or to apply for loans in banks in General terms (47%).

The government, recall, has provided small and medium businesses of the most affected industries the right to defer the lease and tax payments, excluding VAT. In addition, a moratorium on bankruptcy and launched a program for issuing loans at 0% on staff salaries.

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