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Effective ways to prevent kidney stones

Эффективные способы профилактики камней в почках Kidney stones can be one of the most painful experiences through which man passes in adult life.

But, despite the fact that the problem is very common and affects about 1 in 11 people on the planet, we don’t know so much about how to defend against it. And certainly don’t know anything about the means of its prevention.

Doctors prefer to treat this disease, and to recommend ways to avoid it. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Fortunately, there are natural and home remedies that at least partly solve the problem. Here are 10 of the most effective ones.
What is kidney stones?

The Mayo clinic gives this definition:

“Kidney stones form when your urine appear christalloobrazovanie substances — calcium, escalat and uric acid.”

There are many types of this disease. But each time, it is associated with extremely painful urination. In such cases you should immediately seek medical help.

However, to prevent disease. But if she had developed to ease her symptoms.
1. Water, water, water.

This may seem obvious, but water is the most effective tool in the fight against kidney stones.

National kidney Foundation USA writes:

“It is of the best preventive measures is to drink plenty of water. And frequently urinate. The only way you can be sure that everything will be okay.”
2. Use the power of sound waves.

About this fanbase, but there is a special sound therapy. Here is how WebMD describes it: “High energy sound waves pass through the body without damaging the internal organs, causes rocks to crumble into small pieces”.

It is important that it is a noninvasive way to get rid of the pain that accompanies this disease.

You can also use this method at home. Device that emits sound waves, must be located or directly from the affected area, or in the bathroom, under the water so effectively.
3. Maintain the body’s level of calcium.

Kidney stones consist mainly of calcium. Therefore, many believe that it should be avoided. Surprisingly, this fact is 100% false!

National kidney Foundation writes:

“A diet low in calcium actually increases the risk of developing kidney stones. Do not decrease its consumption!”.

The best source of calcium in the diet — dairy products. Eat them often.
4. Reduce consumption of red meat.

Burgers — tasty thing, but for those who have an increased risk of stone formation in the kidneys, they are contraindicated. And in General, avoid red meat!

Harvard medical school found that the meat in particular and animal protein in General “to increase the concentration of uric acid”, which leads to kidney stones.

A diet high in protein also reduces the level of citrate and chemical substances contained in the urine which helps prevent stone formation.
5. Take a bottle of hot water.

Bottle with hot water can definitely ease the pain caused by kidney stones. Apply it to the back. This is the easiest way to relax and get to sleep without feeling pain.
6. Try moderate exercise.

A moderate level of physical activity is ideal for people prone to kidney stones.

A healthy weight — here’s what you need to maintain in the first place.

It should be remembered that heavy, high loads, on the contrary, provoke the development of this disease. Because the more you sweat the less you urinate.

Here is a simple rule: the more you use your urinary system, the better.
7. Mix lemon juice and olive oil.

There is no means more effective than the combination of these two liquids. Lemon juice destroying the stones, and the oil provides lubrication, allowing the stones to leave the kidneys.

Experts recommend to drink a glass of this mixture twice a day for as long as the problem persists.
8. Eliminate salt.

Salt is sodium. And sodium is a key component of the “stones”.

Sodium increases the concentration of calcium in the urine — hence all the problems.
9. Experiment with Apple cider vinegar.

Surprisingly, Apple cider vinegar can help in the fight against kidney stones. recommends to dilute it with water or honey.

They write that Apple cider vinegar “acts as an effective detergent for the internal organs. This allows you to remove accumulated stones and prevents the formation of new kidney stones”.

10. Eat some “special” products.

Add to your diet watermelon, beans, pomegranate juice, Basil and celery. Foods with high water content will help to protect the body from dehydration and help to eliminate painful kidney stones.

These simple methods can help you to protect yourself from this terrible pain. Will you try these methods? Let us know in the comments!

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