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Doctors told about the causes of fatigue

Медики рассказали о причинах усталостиIn cases of fatigue, stress, irritability reconsider your habits.

Some of them cause you fatigue.

Miss a workout
If you feel tired after a hard day’s work, in any case do not give up sports. Instead, try to reduce the load and reduce the workout time to 30 minutes. The only reason to miss a workout could be a disease. In this case it is better to stay home and take means to strengthen the immune system.

Drinking insufficient amount of water
With every movement you expend the reserves of water in the body. You blink – the water wets the eyeball. You swallow the water moistens the esophagus. Finally, with each exhalation level of life-giving water is reduced. That is why you need to drink lots of mineral water, purified water balance and charges the body with energy. Recall that every adult person should drink about 2 litres of clean water.

The body lacks iron
Dark circles under the eyes, lethargy, irritability, inability to concentrate – the first symptoms of iron deficiency. The cause is very simple: the less iron, the less hemoglobin, which in turn leads to insufficient supply of organs and tissues with oxygen. To increase the level of iron in the body, eat apples, beans, beets, spinach, buckwheat, liver.

You aspire to the ideal
Perfectionism makes you work hard. But, unfortunately, you set goals that are almost unattainable. As a result, you feel the frustration, tiredness and depression. To find time for vacation, try to set a time frame for each project and not to work overtime.

You make mountains out of molehills
Often the symptoms of chronic fatigue are fear, anxiety or panic. What in medicine is called nervous exhaustion, mistaken for laziness. You can worry about the important business of the meeting, problems in his personal life and even too much coffee. In addition to lifestyle changes, you can reduce your anxiety levels by challenging pessimistic beliefs and irrational beliefs.

You do not eat Breakfast
As you ate Breakfast, depends on the activity of the metabolism and your health throughout the day. If you are not accustomed to Breakfast, don’t be surprised to feel fatigue. Morning is better to eat a boiled egg with wholemeal bread and yogurt, drink fruit smoothies or prepare a vegetable salad.

Drinking at night alcohol
A glass of wine at night is considered an excellent soporific, because alcohol suppresses the Central nervous system. However, the same glass of wine and degrades the quality of your sleep, because under its influence, the body produces adrenaline. Therefore, alcohol should be consumed 3-4 hours before bedtime.

I use a smartphone before bed
If you need to check email, read the news or watch the updates in social networks, do it in bed. The fact that the blue light of the screen stimulates the nervous system. As a result, you may develop insomnia.

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