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Create a unique logo for your business by Logomaster

People, as you know, meet on clothes – no one at first did not know your inner world, level of professional experience or personal qualities, and because the appearance is always evaluated first. It’s important and the business world, only the appearance of your company or enterprise is first and foremost the logo, because it will recognize first and foremost those who were not previously familiar with your work. We can assume that the creation of a logo – it is expensive both in time and finances, but we assure you that this is no longer the case. There is a service Logomaster, allowing for a few minutes to develop a custom logo that will meet all modern requirements, and which in the future will form the basis of corporate identity.

Logomaster is a web service that can be used as smartphone or tablet PC and a desktop PC or laptop. In other words, if you urgently need a logo, with Logomaster he will be with you within a few minutes. Let’s examine this service in more detail, from the user’s point of view, and understand what it has to offer, and as a whole it works. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.



Let’s start with the outer shell Logomaster. The project is optimized so that the user can immediately start creating a logo. You are met by a simple entry form which you are invited to inscribe the name of your future or existing company – convenient, isn’t it?

Note that the entire interface Logomaster translated into Russian language – appropriate option you can select in the upper right corner of the website. Of course, there are some inaccuracies of translation, but the meaning of the phrase, they have no effect. Again, Logomaster is almost no extra design elements – all enchanted by the ultimate functionality, and you don’t have to press hundreds of buttons to get a logo, and do not need to understand the intricacies of the system. Everything will be crystal clear to everyone without exception.


Without SMS and registration

Not to mention the fact that the use Logomaster even without registration – the creation of a logo it is possible in incognito mode, but if you still want to register, you will be asked to specify only the email address, which will serve as the username, and password. account – the phone number is not required to enter. Registration, more importantly, completely free.

A personal profile is needed in order to enable you to keep the logos and return to edit at any time. Unregistered users of this opportunity do not have – they created logos will be deleted after closing the browser.


The process of creating a logo

The development of style of your company, as we have said, begins with entering the company name. You can also enter your own name if required. The second step is select the category that applies to your company. You can select your personal branding, logo, product or startup, branding small companies, communities, or organizations, as well as logo for large businesses – restaurants, chain stores and so on.

Each category has more than 15 different templates of more than 10 categories: Professionals, Construction, Art and music, Photography, Design, events Organizer, restaurant and nutrition, Fashion and beauty, Community, Education, real Estate and Services. In other words, Logomaster covers a very wide range of possible sectors, so will be plenty to choose.

Make your choice, proceed to the template selection is the third stage. The system prompts you to choose at least any three of logo design, taking into account fonts, positioning of text and images, and ideas in General. It can be noted though all of the templates immediately, but I advise you to approach the choice very consciously. On the other hand, you can always return to this step and change the selection in its sole discretion.

Next, you will be asked to determine the future color of the logo – as you can see, a wide selection of shades, and what would be your is to you. For example, if your company is connected with information technologies, it is possible to choose shades of blue for example, Microsoft, Facebook and other large it corporations.

The next step is the choice of motto (slogan). If you don’t, or if you don’t want to become a part of the logo, you can skip this step. To change the decision it’s never too late – a slogan can be added on the stage of the final editing.

Every large company, in addition to written in a unique font names has its own brand image, which will be offered to choose at the next stage. They are countless – more than 100, and they are conveniently broken down by categories and keywords.

After completing all these steps, you will be taken to the designer logo is the final stage of selection of style the company in which you can set the previously selected items and even add new ones, including lines, additional text and even the background if necessary. In short, it all depends on your needs and imagination. Here Logomaster will display several dozen variants of ready-made logo with your chosen parameters. A lot of them, and I advise you to watch all of them – among them there are many those that will be ideal for all of your requirements. Each of the options can be viewed separately, you can assess how the logo will look on business card, t-shirt, branded Souvenirs and even in the mobile app.

Make your choice of logo, you can immediately download absolutely for free – no one will charge you money for use Logomaster. Registered users at this stage can save your creation in the profile below the results of the efforts were not wasted. However, the resulting image will be offered in low resolution, and it will put watermarks.

To get the project in high resolution, ready for printing on a variety of surfaces, is also possible, and now we’ll show you how to do it.


Rates Logomaster

Finished a logo created in Logomaster, without watermarks and in high resolution, you can buy in few clicks. What is important, it is not as expensive as you might think, and even then have to require the designer to change something, because the logo already includes everything that you require. Logomaster offers three tariffs, each with a one-time payment. Consider these tariffs.

– a tariff plan “Basic” includes logos with a resolution of 1024 x 1024 pixel format PNG and JPG with the original color. Price – 1300 rubles.

– a tariff plan “Premium” logos with a resolution of 4096×4096 pixels in PNG, JPG and SVG vector. In addition, the package includes the original, black and white logos, adaptation to social networks, professional watermark, as well as data on fonts and color palette, recommendations for brand, ready to print samples and the possibility of making changes and the new download. Such an extensive set of options is estimated at 3,300 rubles.

– a tariff plan “Corporate” includes all that is included in the plan Premium, as well as one version of your logo is machined by a professional designer Logomaster. In addition, the tariff includes three additional request for editing retouching. The rate – 11000 RUB.



As you can see, creating a logo in 2019 – this is not routine conversations and regular contact with designers, occupying several weeks or more. With Logomaster you can even from home to develop a corporate identity, saving not only time but also a considerable amount of money. In addition, the design of the logo will initially be exactly the way you see it, and you don’t need to rule the developments by trying to explain my idea. So Logomaster is the most useful and, most importantly, fast and convenient service, highly recommended.

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