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Italian police confiscated almost 40 tons of drugs for ISIS

The total value of seized tablets, according to preliminary estimates, is 75 million euros.Italian law enforcement authorities found and confiscated 37.5 tons of drugs EN route to Libya and allegedly bound for militants operating there is “Islamic state”. According to the newspaper La Repubblica, the prohibited cargo was found in …

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Trump has put forward serious charges a former US attorney General

Trump suspects the former assistant attorney General in the disclosure of classified informationThe President of the United States Donald trump believes that the former U.S. attorney General Sally Yates was involved in the leak to the media of classified information. S. Yates on Monday to speak at the hearings in …

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The date of inauguration of the new President of France

Macron will take the oath on may 14.The leader of the movement “Forward” Emmanuel macron sworn in as President of France next Sunday, may 14. This was announced by current President Francois Hollande. The announcement was made in the course of events in Paris, dedicated to the 72nd anniversary of …

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Protests in Paris, detained more than 140 people

The French protested against the Makron, and against Le Pen.In Paris, about 300 people opposed won the election of Emmanuel Macron, and against the loser of marine Le Pen. The protests began last night after the announcement of preliminary results of presidential elections. Similar protests were also held in the …

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In the Mediterranean sank about 80 migrants

In a shipwreck in the Mediterranean sea killing 80 migrants were rescued 40 people. In the Mediterranean sea capsized the ship with the migrants, which killed about 80 people EN route from Libya to the shores of Italy. “All on Board were 120 people. Saved taken by coast guard forces …

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Liquidated the leader of ISIS in Afghanistan

Terrorist Abdul Hasib was killed during an intelligence operation in Afghanistan. Abdul Hasib, one of the leaders jihadists group “Islamic state” in Afghanistan, were killed during the attack committed by the Afghan and American soldiers. The U.S. military reported that, A. Hasib, and several other senior representatives of the “ID” …

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200 kilos of cocaine sailed to the coast of Italy

Drugs dumped near the main beach of the city of Livorno. Two hundred kilograms of cocaine sailed to the coast of the Italian city of Livorno, the investigation of the origin of the peculiar “gifts of the sea” took the Prosecutor’s office. The drug was Packed in convolution total number …

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A fatal accident involving a bus happened in Chicago

The causes of the accident are still being clarified. At least four people were killed and four were injured in a traffic accident involving a bus in the American Chicago. According to TV channel, the accident occurred at 5.55 (13:55 GMT) near Garfield Park. Victims are delivered in city hospitals, …

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