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Japanese Princess shocked the world with his act

The granddaughter of the Japanese Emperor gave up the title to marry a simple guy. Still exists in this world of love, and this proves the grandson of the Emperor of Japan Princess Mako. Girl in love with an ordinary guy planning to get married. To marry a commoner, the Princess …

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In Austria, a wild boar attacked the British Ambassador

A herd of wild boars attacked the British Ambassador. British Ambassador Leigh Turner, while walking through the woods near Vienna stumbled upon a herd of wild boars. One diplomat had to flee, with the result that he received injuries. This LP Turner wrote in his blog. “I encountered a herd …

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Cat from Australia surprised the world

A pet can break the record. 20-inch cat breed Maine Coon is probably the longest domestic cat in the world He lives with his mistress in Melbourne, Australia. After he became a star of the Internet, the Guinness Book of world records has approached the hostess to inquire about the …

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The British resident raised an unusual vegetable

The gardeners have grown the hottest pepper in the world. The gardeners have grown hot pepper is probably the hottest in the world. Peppers called “dragon’s Breath” has 2.4 million units on a scale of Hotness Scoville – 900 thousand units more than the current record holder. According to gardener, …

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China for the first time experienced heavy duty combat helicopter

It was called the “Black tornado”. Chinese aircraft Corporation (AVIC) for the first time successfully tested in the air combat helicopter, the Zhi-19E intended for export to other countries. This was announced by China Central television (CCTV). The helicopter was piloted in one of the airports in Harbin (the administrative …

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