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BQ Magic S – stylish and affordable fashion smartphone

Magic S is the latest smartphone by Russian company BQ, which manufactures gadgets for the domestic market. He, like its other products, got quite competitive price – what it can offer for the money (at the start of sales in autumn 2019 it cost 8500 rubles), occurs usually in more expensive models of other vendors.

The cell is characterized primarily by its visual component – it is itself moderately compact, and even more small makes well-chosen range of colors, or rather, two of the three options. BQ-5731L (model number of the smartphone) is released in a gradient color (from blue to purple), as well as in combination dark red black and dark blue with black. Us for a test got the third version of the painting, and with him, as, indeed, dark red, things are not so simple (in a good way). This we will discuss in a separate section.

Packing and delivery

In the case of Magic S BQ company continues to move away from the traditional forms of packaging-books. This is a sturdy cardboard box bright white top and bright red bottom.

Printing packaging is excellent, and the overall quality of execution, but that the gadget on it for some reason is not shown. Each for himself will decide whether it is good or bad, but we prefer when a manufacturer shows what is in the box.

From the bottom on the box, according to tradition, BQ has posted a very detailed list of characteristics of the device, listing all the key parameters that can interest the buyer. Here is the list of complete accessories.

Magic S comes with a charging cable microUSB 2.0, a 1.5-ampere charger, manual and warranty card. Also in the box is a paper clip to eject SIM cards – look for it on the side face of the inner insert. In addition, the manufacturer made sure the presentation of the smartphone during use and struck on the smartphone screen protective film. Not conveying, as do other companies, namely protective, so gluing glass is not required.

The case included with the smartphone was not, and he would be very useful.



BQ stated specifications Magic’s on the box with the smartphone in the user manual and on the official website. Discrepancies in the information we didn’t notice.

– screen: 5.84 inch, Full HD+, IPS, aspect ratio 18:9;

– processor: UniSoc SC9863A, 1.6 GHz, 8 cores;

– video: built-in CPU, PowerVR GE8322;

– memory: 3 GB RAM, 32 GB internal, microSD up to 128 GB;

interface: 2xSIM, microSD card (separate slot), microUSB 2.0, 3.5 mm;

– wireless interfaces: LTE, 3G, GSM, GPS, GLONASS, FM, Wi-Fi 802.11 n, Bluetooth 4.2;

– camera: primary 16+0.3 MP front 16 MP;

firmware: Android 9 Pie base interface;

– battery: non-removable Li-ion 3650 mAh;

– dimensions: 149х72х9 mm;

– weight: 155 grams;

– features: a fingerprint scanner, an NFC chip.

From eye-catching capabilities of the smartphone, it should be noted selfie-camera with high resolution, high screen resolution, taking into account the cost and separate the card slot and the microSD will not have to make a choice between the drive and the second SIM card.

By the way, Magic’s uses SIM-card format nano-SIM – the most compact available. In addition, the phone has an NFC chip for contactless payment. We checked with Google Pay in Russia, everything works flawlessly.

The disadvantages of the hardware component of a smartphone should include microUSB 2.0. it is less convenient in comparison with modern USB-C due to the asymmetry of the connector and cannot provide fast charging of the battery. But the connector under earphones in stock – it will please many.



BQ Magic’s got the classic look is a touch extended monoblock small size, filled in a plastic glossy design, without any unnecessary design elements. The phone comes with a front panel of only black color and white version of the front part for him is not provided.

The front part of the body is almost fully occupied by the display. He had virtually no side frames, the top has a small monoball (it is three times less than the new iPhone 11 Pro for 100,000 rubles and more expensive), and the bottom has a pretty wide non-functional “chin”. The control buttons on there – they are displayed directly on the display.

In a display cutout located front camera, earpiece and sensors of light and proximity. On the left side there is a tray for SIM-card, right, made the power button and volume control, input under earphones can be found on the top face of the housing and the microphone, the main speaker and charging connector on the bottom.

The back is also all the classics – the vertical arrangement of the main camera module in the upper left corner and flash on the basis of one of the led directly below it. Just below you can see the fingerprint reader, painted in the color of the body.



As mentioned above, with the color of the Magic’s not so clear. With the usual gradient from blue to purple, everything is clear immediately – this color can be found in many modern smartphones.

But the combination of dark blue with a black under different angles of lighting can change shades. Black can be dark gray, and dark blue- turquoise and even emerald green. Looks nice, don’t say anything.

In all likelihood, this feature is characteristic dark red color. To verify the absence of an appropriate instance of we can’t.



The first thing worth mentioning is the increased soiled body. Because it’s all glossy, it will stay track of each touch, without exaggeration. It’s trouble all the glossy gadgets, so the lack of complete case can be attributed to the shortcomings of Magic S. However, the company model is on the site in the official online store.

The phone is comfortable to hold in the hand because of the elongated shape – it seems very compact. However, due to the polished end faces have to keep it tight – the case is still slippery.

Magic’s assembled very well, no backlash, no, nothing rattles inside, the tray is also firmly seated in his seat. The side buttons are pressed relatively tight, but have good tactile feedback and feel a distinct click when triggered. This will reduce the risk of accidental clicks.

The location of all the other elements of the case the right speaker on the bottom does not close hand, the charge cable when connecting it does not interfere with, and not have to carry the phone in my pocket upside down when listening to music through headphones.



The display’s a little Magic for your smartphone – usually at the cheaper models 9000 rubles are much lower quality matrix. Screen was pleasantly surprised by its brightness, which on a nice Sunny day it is quite possible to see information and a high level of color rendering.

Starbursts, which are often found on cheap IPS-matrices and especially on TN panels, not here, so the quality matrix used here, no complaints. The sensor layer processes up to five simultaneous touches on the whole area of the display equally well both in the center and at the ends and at the corners.



With such a good display, Magic’s, alas, can not boast of decent sound it terms of quality. The main speaker is very loud, but the sound it generates is flat due to the almost complete absence of low frequencies. Mid and high frequencies in place, so that, given the volume of the speaker capabilities will be enough to inform you of an incoming call or message, and to view videos on YouTube. For music listening it would be better to connect headphones.

At the same time, the earpiece did not cause absolutely no complaints. Excellent audibility of the subscriber in almost any volume, a wide range of adjustment of this volume everything he has got. The microphone is also pleased – the interlocutor has stated a very decent sound quality.


Protection of information

Magic’s in addition to those mentioned in the specifications of the fingerprint scanner, there is also the unlock system in the face available in the default settings. It is based on the front camera of the smartphone and works very quickly.

In the daytime Face Unlock removes a lock almost instantly, the same applies to bright artificial light. In both cases, accuracy – 10 out of 10 times. In the twilight she needs it for approximately two seconds, the accuracy is reduced to 8 out of 10 times, but in complete darkness, of course, this system is practically dysfunctional, although if you crank the screen brightness to maximum, you can use it as a backlight. In this case, the accuracy is 5 out of 10 times.

The fingerprint scanner, which quickly and easily is to the touch the index finger, gives a precision of 9 out of 10 times. On wet fingers the sensor does not respond.

An important feature: both unlock once you open the desktop device – don’t have to hold your finger on the screen to close the screen lock. It is very convenient.


The camera

Despite the fact that Magic’s set three camera module, functional of them, in fact, two. Sensor 0.3 megapixels, the purpose of which the manufacturer did not disclose in 2019 worse than useless.

On the other hand, the remaining cells got high for the budget segment, a resolution of 16 megapixels, and although the significance of their apertures are unknown, they both shoot equally well. We really liked how they showed themselves in any light, and the main camera ahead of the front in the dark only by the led flash. In short, Magic’s could be called a budget camera-phone and even a selfie backdrop.



Magic S runs on Android OS 9 Pie with the usual interface, Material UI from Google. The firmware is pretty well optimized and does not lag, it provides for a wireless upgrade, so what can we expect from the BQ release of new versions.

The system has a specific tuning, in particular, the smartphone is able to respond to that take him in hand, and turn the display back on, plus he has a system of gesture control. In addition, it is possible to change the sequence order of the touch control buttons, which enhances the overall usability of the gadget.

By default, the firmware are pre-installed third party applications – there are ten of them, eight of them can be remove with standard tools. The remaining two applications of “Yandex”, you can disable them. Immediately after switching in the memory employs a little more than 7 GB of the 32 GB, remove programs frees up about 700 MB of space.



Magic S was tested in two benchmarks – AnTuTu and 3DMark. Used the most current at the time of writing the version of the application.

In AnTuTu the smartphone scored almost 104 000 points for the device for 8500 rubles the result is more than excellent. In the package 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited score was nearly 10 500 points. You can recognize Magic’s quite game mobile – many modern games it will pull without any problems. The only caveat during performance testing felt a slight heat in the area of the motherboard and battery.


Work offline

Battery 3950 mAh smartphone’s Magic lasts for a maximum of 3.5 days of operation 1 hour per day of videos on YouTube, a couple of hours of correspondence, messengers, three hours in social networks through the browser and hours of calls. The result is nice in our opinion.

For a power user smartphone discharged on average two days, that is to put it on charge every day is not required.

Regular memory charges the battery in approximately three hours – it’s not much, but enough, quite average. During charging, the battery is almost not warmed.


Pros BQ Magic S

– interesting design;

very beautiful colors;

– small dimensions;

– good autonomy;
– decent camera;

– optimized firmware;

– separate slots for microSD.


Cons BQ Magic S

interface microUSB;

– no case included;

– soiled body.


The range of smartphones BQ Magic

Magic’s not the only current representative of the line smartphones BQ Magic. It consists of three models, including the BQ-BQ 6040L Magic and-Magic 5730L C. Is a more affordable model compared to the Magic S (BQ-6040L worth 8000 rubles, BQ-5730L – 7000 rubles. Their comparative characteristics are given in the table. As you can see, the lower the price, even with the larger display of the Magic was achieved by reducing the screen resolution and cameras, but also due to the smaller amount of RAM.

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