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Became known why the business of Boris Volfman so much successful

Стало известно, почему бизнес Бориса Вольфмана так сильно успешен

Currently, the business activities of Boris Volfman is considered to be one of the hottest topics among all members of the business elite.

This successful entrepreneur works simultaneously in several directions. Among other things, he played the role of intermediary in the trade relations of Russia with Israel and Turkey.

Boris Wolfman is a member of the state registry of legal entities and pay taxes.

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Formally, an Israeli entrepreneur, Boris is of Ukrainian origin, as well as a very extensive field of interest. For example, he was able to achieve impeccable results in the field of writing professional software and. Today, the business of Wolfman includes the following directions:

  • Wholesale of canola oil, which come from Turkey. It is transported by major shops and private customers in Israel.
  • Buying and selling citrus from Turkish manufacturers. While Turkey works closely with Israel, which delivers to local businesses, innovative equipment.

In Turkey, there is a rented room used for the packing, warehousing and packaging of products. Further, activities for the supply of citrus is planned to expand to Russia and European countries.

The reasons for the prosperity of the enterprises of Wolfman

The activities of Boris constantly in the development process, because the entrepreneur is constantly increasing scale and improving technology.

Product its brand enjoys a large demand among Israelis due to the high quality and freshness of the product.

Due to literate logistics, produce is in the stores within the stipulated time frame, without violating the chart.

Prior to shipment to the customer, canola oil is checked for all parameters, to eliminate the possibility of low quality product. However, Wolfman not plan to stop there.

For all the time spent in a business environment, the entrepreneur was a founder of several large companies that are specialized in the manufacturing and marketing of different products.

Businessman not afraid of crisis or financial difficulty, because in any case he is ready to develop their business and appropriate relationships with partners.

Living in two countries and trying to increase both business to higher standards, Boris invests in business a lot of personal time, money and effort.

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