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USA predicted “the most severe winter in history”

The former head of state of the US program for development of vaccines Rick bright has predicted that the US may have to face “the worst winter in modern history” because of the pandemic coronavirus. About it reports BBC News. During a speech in the U.S. Congress he said that …

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New mod for Fallout 4 is to survive the nuclear winter

The main changes Nuclear Winter brings to the game. Game company Bethesda Game Studios have always attracted modders the ability to radically transform the original worlds. And now came out with a modification that does similar with Fallout 4. The work of the author under the name D1v1ne122 called Fallout …

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Scientists have explained why the flu die in the winter

High humidity would be devastating for us. Scientists at Yale University in the US identified the reason why people often become infected and die from the flu in the winter months. According to experts, this contributes to the low humidity. The researchers conducted experiments involving genetically modified mice, which are …

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Why winter steel stamped discs better cast

Often drivers try to buy winter rubber on disks. Steel is cheaper, but ugly, so a splurge on another casting. Some simply every season throws tires on the same alloy wheels. Meanwhile, in winter you and the car will be much more comfortable on steel stamped disks. And here’s why. …

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Experts have named 5 of the best cars for the Russian winter

Automotive columnist Igor Morzharetto has presented the five best cars to drive in Russia during winter. According to him, when choosing a machine the main criteria remain price and reliability. According to the Nation News Agency, is the leader in the rating of the crossover Renault Duster, which, according to …

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In the winery among the winter bloom of Sakura

This is an extremely warm winter. In Vinnitsa in the early days of the new year blossomed Sakura. Vinnitsa residents can watch the blooming Japanese trees on the street Porika. The reason was the abnormally warm weather in the winter. The photo shows that blossomed two trees. Except pink flowers, …

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