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UK defense minister walks back ‘ungrateful’ Ukraine comments

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace claimed on Friday that his comments about Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s lack of “gratitude” for the UK’s military support were “misreported,” and that his government will keep “helping Ukraine procure what they need to triumph.” Speaking on the sidelines of the NATO summit in Lithuania …

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Zelensky walks back nuclear threat

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky insisted that his remarks about preemptive NATO nuclear strikes on Russia had been mistranslated. He really meant “preventive kicks,” he told the BBC in an interview that aired on Friday, with the British state broadcaster interpreting this as referring to sanctions. “I said you have to …

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GoFundMe walks back ‘Freedom Convoy’ plans

Crowdfunding platform GoFundMe has reversed its decision to redistribute nearly $8 million (Can$10 million) in donations made to Canada’s ‘Freedom Convoy’ protest following backlash on social media and threats of investigations by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and various state prosecutors. Announcing the reversal on Saturday, the site said it would …

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White House walks back Biden comment on hacker swaps, says he’s willing for US & Russia to punish their own cybercriminals – media

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters on Sunday that Biden would pledge that US hackers who undertake illegal cyberattacks internationally are held accountable if Russian President Vladimir Putin ensures his country does the same, according to Reuters. He made his comments on a flight to Brussels from the UK, …

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Coronaball? Australian health official WALKS BACK Covid advice urging football fans to ‘duck’ incoming ball to curb transmission

The state’s chief public health officer Nicola Spurrier made the strange recommendation during a press conference on Wednesday, when she also announced that an Australian Football League team from Melbourne would be permitted to enter South Australia for an upcoming match, despite ongoing Covid-19 restrictions. “We’re looking at the ball… …

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