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Iran military vessels enter Atlantic Ocean for first time (VIDEO)

On Thursday, Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, the deputy chief of Iran’s Army for coordination, announced that two vessels, both indigenously developed, had reached the Atlantic Ocean following a near 6,000 nautical mile journey. “The 77th strategic naval fleet of the Navy, comprising of the ‘Sahand’ destroyer and the ‘Makran’ ship, …

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French fishermen blockade Jersey port as 2 British naval vessels arrive at the island amid fishing row (VIDEOS)

Data from shows around 25 French-registered vessels stationed just outside Jersey’s main port on Thursday morning, although some eyewitnesses claim there are more. The trawlermen are protesting the dearth of licences granted to French fishing vessels following the Brexit agreement which saw the EU lose its jurisdiction over British waters.  Hugo …

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Scientists have grown blood vessels from stem cells

The resulting vessels have not yet been tested on human tissues, but have successfully passed the test on mice. To grow blood vessels from stem cells could researchers at the University of British Columbia. This is the first experience in the world. The experiment was conducted using Petri dishes. It …

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Proven well cleanses the blood vessels

The vessels of the human body have a length of over 1000 meters. But most importantly, what blood vessels connects all the organs of the body heart. Vessels pervade the whole body up and down, spreading the blood along with nutrition to all organs and systems. But the vessels also …

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Tested folk remedies to cleanse the blood vessels

How to avoid atherosclerosis In recent years significantly increased the number of people with such problems as elevated cholesterol, triglycerides, blocked arteries, atherosclerosis. So all the tools that will help to clear the arteries and avoid atherosclerosis, it is very important for our health. Prevention of atherosclerosis is: Combating obesity: …

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Traditional methods of purification of blood vessels

Vascular system pumping blood, so it should be cleaned periodically, so that the blood circulation is not slowed down. The person with the contaminated vessels is not so difficult to calculate. Usually, this man, whose inflamed skin, dry and dull hair, brittle feet, excess weight, loose skin, and he feels …

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