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The most unusual cars of the Tokyo Motor Show in 2017. Photo

They appreciate every car enthusiast. Offer for a moment be transported to the pavilion taking place these days in Tokyo international motor show to look at new production models and concepts presented by automakers from around the world. Toyota Century Toyota Concept-i Toyota Concept-i Ride Lexus LS+ Mitsubishi e-Evolution Toyota …

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Kiev fire set an unusual record

The lifeguard ran the half-marathon in full uniform. Metropolitan fire Mr Pan set in Lviv, a Ukrainian record. He was the first firefighter, who ran the half marathon (22 km) in full uniform of the rescuer (20 kg). To overcome the distance he spent 2 hours, 14 minutes and 53.6 …

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Unusual ideas design a bathroom with a shower. Photo

The most daring and original design ideas bathroom design that can be implemented without the involvement of professionals. If to be objective, unlike the bedroom or living room, the options when modifying a bathroom not so much. After all, when you have limited space need to preserve the functionality of …

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Regina todorenko boasted an unusual outfit

The TV presenter has shared fresh the. Regina todorenko has published in his microblog photos. Wedding, picture taken in the Elevator, the singer was captured along with his girlfriend Alina Astrovskii. Regina is dressed in white sweater and plaid coat, and her hair is gathered in low ponytail. Eye stars …

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The most unusual types of bladed weapons. Photo

Why not just let people come up with. Such type of cold weapons, like brass knuckles, known to all. But mankind was invented and other non-firearm weapon in duels is very effective and can inflict serious damage. We have collected the top ten most effective bladed weapons, which is better …

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