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Pentagon uses world’s largest ‘secret army’ of 60,000 undercover operatives to carry out ‘domestic & foreign’ operations – media

After a two-year investigation, the outlet reported that the undercover army consists of around 60,000 people, many of whom use fake identities to carry out their assignments. The Pentagon’s agents operate in real life and online, with some even embedded in private businesses and well-known companies.  The massive program, unofficially …

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How UK undercover cops foiled activist plans to help Palestinians using deceit & abuse…& were there shady deals with Mossad?

Founded in 2001, the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) is a pro-Palestinian political campaign group, dedicated to the use of nonviolent protest. ISM has chapters around the world, which regularly train and dispatch volunteers to Palestine, to assist locals with activities such as protests, chaperoning and olive-picking. Despite the movement’s peaceful …

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‘Real world’ wives of UK ‘spycops’ seek justice for lives shattered by the undercover police operation

The spouses of police officers who engaged in romantic relationships while undercover are finally being heard. Using not only fake names but entirely fabricated personas, their husbands infiltrated political campaign groups for years at a time, posing as anti-war, anti-racist, environmentalist, and human rights campaigners, among many other guises. In some …

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In occupied Lugansk went undercover Sands

The purpose of the visit is still unknown. In occupied Lugansk arrived the day before Dmitry Peskov – press Secretary of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. This is with reference to a source in the security services of Ukraine according to the publication the Island. “In Lugansk arrived secretly …

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