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In Barcelona students took part in a mass protest

The students waited for the statement of the head of the Catalan government. Mass rally of students demanding to declare the independence of Catalonia, held in Barcelona before setting Generalitat (government of Catalonia), where in the near future to make a statement, the President of the Catalan government, Carles Putteman, …

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In Russia, the students organized street fighting with interest rates

Kamchatka police checks information about the conduct of street fighting. Kamchatka, the investigators will test the truthfulness in social networks information about the organization of street fighting children in the city of Yelizovo, said senior assistant regional investigatory management Elena Matafonov. As reported in social networks, October 18, in the …

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In Tajikistan, students collect nuts for textbooks

So they repay the debt for the lease books. In Rasht district of Tajikistan, students and their parents gathered nuts and wild rose, pass the trash and the scrap metal to pay off the debt for renting the books to the state. In the country school are provided with textbooks …

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Teenager shot students: several dead and wounded

Killing two. The police checks the information that the teenager was a victim of bullying, and it could induce him to aggressive actions. It is noted that a disciple is a son of the military or police. The weapon he allegedly took home. “The staff called him “stinky” because he …

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In Istanbul, unidentified men opened fire on the students.

Details of incident are specified.In Istanbul at one of the schools in Istanbul’s Pendik district, armed with a hunting rifle unknown zloumyshlenniki opened fire on a group of students. CNN Turk reports that during the shooting, one student died, two students were injured. The attacker tried to commit suicide, but …

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In Krivoy Rog the students detained the thief

The children kept the 30-year-old man until police arrived. In Krivoy Rog three 11-year-old students of the sixth class detained 30-the summer thief and held him until the arrival of the patrol police. Dmitry, Maxim and Ilya said that after school we sat on a bench in the Park and …

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