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Russia responds to EU ‘sponsor of terrorism’ resolution

The European Parliament, which on Wednesday adopted a non-binding resolution branding Russia a “state sponsor of terrorism”, should be designated a “sponsor of idiocy,” Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has said. The EU’s legislative body passed the decision on Wednesday in a landslide vote in Strasbourg. The document was …

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Biden opposes designating Russia as state sponsor of terrorism

US President Joe Biden spoke on Monday against designating Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism over the conflict in Ukraine. Speaking to reporters at the White House, Biden said “no” when asked whether he believes Russia should be branded a state sponsor of terrorism. Last month, two US senators …

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Russia reacts to Latvia branding it ‘sponsor of terrorism’

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman has slammed Latvia’s decision to brand Moscow a “state sponsor of terrorism,” calling it “absolutely groundless” and part of a long-running anti-Russia campaign by Riga. “Is it news? No,” Maria Zakharova wrote on Telegram shortly after Thursday’s declaration by the Latvian parliament, which accused Russia of …

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US comments on designating Russia ‘terrorism sponsor’

The US is considering the matter of recognizing Russia as “a state sponsor of terrorism,” US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink has said, emphasizing that the issue must be carefully analyzed from a legal point of view.  “With regard to designation as a state sponsor of terrorism, this is something …

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American senators propose branding Russia ‘state sponsor of terrorism’

Eight Republican party legislators submitted the bill on Wednesday, naming it the GUARD Act, which stands for Guaranteeing Ukraine’s Autonomy by Reinforcing its Defense. The proposed legislation includes a range of measures designed to support Kiev, including authorizing $450 million in foreign military financing in 2022 and promising to designate …

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‘With lives at stake, politics must be forgotten’: Sputnik V sponsor warns demonizing Russian vaccine distracts from saving people

“We are strongly against the politicization of the vaccine,” said Dmitriev, adding that when it comes to health and the very life of many people, “one should forget about politics or any attempts to ‘contain’ Russia.” In its international dealings related to Russia’s pioneering Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine, RDIF is simply …

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