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NATO troops in Ukraine can’t be ruled out – Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron has argued that deployments of troops to Ukraine by NATO members and other allies cannot be ruled out because Western powers must stop at nothing to ensure that Russia does not defeat Kiev’s forces. “There’s no consensus today to send, in an official manner, troops on …

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Nuclear war can’t be ruled out – ex-Russian president

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said “nobody should forget” about situations that could force Russia to use nuclear weapons, but stressed that “no one wants nuclear war.” Since the launch of the Russian military offensive in Ukraine in late February, relations between Moscow and the West have soured to the …

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Life without parole ruled too ‘cruel’ for mass murderers

Canada’s highest court has ruled that even the most heinous criminals, including mass murderers and serial killers, can’t be locked away without a chance for parole because such prison sentences are “cruel” and unconstitutional. “Such sentences are degrading in nature and thus incompatible with human dignity because they deny offenders …

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Texas border crackdown ruled unconstitutional

Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s effort to secure his state’s border with Mexico amid record migrant flows has been thrown open to legal challenges after a judge found the Operation Lone Star program to be unconstitutional. The potentially pivotal ruling came on Thursday, when Travis County District Court Judge Jan Soifer …

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Math test for teachers ruled racist

The Ontario Divisional Court ordered the Ontario College of Teachers last week to “grant certification to teacher candidates who have not passed the Mathematics Proficiency Test,” citing “disparities in success rates of standardized testing based on race.” Noting that there is an “under-representation of racialized teachers in Ontario schools,” the …

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