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Named exercise, better protect the human from cancer

Scientists have determined which class can bring people at risk of cancer. Researchers at the University of Colorado in boulder (Colorado, USA) tried to understand tumorigenesis and to identify the causes of its development. Oncogenesis is an irreversible process, in which human cells develop into cancer. As a result of …

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In the United States legally thriving trade in human bodies

Sell the whole body for three or five thousand dollars, sometimes price comes to ten thousand Reuters has published investigations about how in the US there is a market sale of human bodies. They tell that in the country the business is not actually prohibited by law, and companies that …

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Scientists have refuted the hypothesis of human evolution

Refuted the generally accepted hypothesis that the evolution stops if the maximum adapted to the environment. An international group of scientists under the leadership of Richard Lenski (Richard Lenski) from the University of Michigan in the United States denied the generally accepted hypothesis that the evolution stops if the maximum …

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It named the main cause of human mortality

According to experts, one in six people die due to polluted environment. The level of premature mortality due to environmental pollution three times higher than the death rate from AIDS.One in six premature deaths in the world caused by pollution. In 2015 from diseases caused by pollution of the environment, …

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“Human” poses cats funny Network users

You just look at them deadpan! Long and close with a person imposes on cats of a certain mark: many of them adopt the taste preferences of the owners, a favorite habit, and someone- and favorite poses. Moreover, to the extent that cat to sit do not know how. Don’t …

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