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Regions are dying. What can they be saved?

After 10 years, 90% of Belarus’s population will live in cities. This means that the regions, already experiencing socio-economic difficulties, will continue to die. To reverse the trend of a new regional policy, promoting small business development and migration organizations that act as centers of attraction for young people, economists …

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“Negative dynamics”: how dying retailers

Russian retailers are caught between Scylla and Charybdis. Blame economic stagnation and empty the wallets of buyers. Not so long ago “good form” to purchase products for the week ahead. To do this, the Russians went in hypermarkets, although the trip often had long. Today, things have changed. A steady …

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Places where most tourists are dying. Photo

Caution! Look at his feet! The world created is clearly not for sissies – neither morally, nor physically. You never know where and what troubles await you. Sometimes going for a totally flat terrain, and stumble out of the blue, and even fall apart. Geographers believe that literally everywhere you …

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Scientists recorded the sound of the “dying” of Antarctica

Saundtrekom with the sounds of irreversible climate change, scientists plan to draw attention to environmental issues. Team Luftwerk, together with the Council for the protection of natural resources began an installation called the White city. Experts took as a basis the real sounds of the movement of glaciers and the …

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Scientists have recorded a “dying cough” stars

Scientists were able for the first time to record “cough” star-bombers. To witness this moment become astronomers from both countries. “Dying cough” was observed in the brightest and one of the nearest stars – Antares. Scientists report that many lights surrounded by a cloud of gas and cosmic dust. The …

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The first details of the upcoming add-ons for Dying Light

The developers decided to back up their words with a small video. Last month at E3 2017 team Techland announced his intention to please the users parsonage zombie action Dying Light for at least ten servings of additional content, which should be out in the next twelve months. Now the …

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