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Hilarious pictures of children left unattended

These guys do not get bored. Mother always performs several chores around the house, considering the child care. But there are moments when she just physically has no time to look after the kids, and then, relying on luck, mom leaves kids alone in the room for 15 minutes, or …

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A miracle: grown children born preterm. Photo

They fought for the right to life. We all know that premature infants, no matter how prematurely they were born, from the very first minute as appeared forced to fight for his life. This struggle formed the basis of a series of touching pictures of a photographer from Quebec, red …

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How are children from orphanages after adoption. Photo

Every child needs the love of parents. Looking at their beautiful and happy faces in the photos, it’s hard to believe that they all lived in orphanages and was considered a “state” of the children, and simply draws. Hard to believe that once they looked very different… ….one has forgotten …

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