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What is on the other side of famous landmarks. Photo

In regular guidebooks won’t see it. Anyone who has visited the world-famous tourist spots in recent years, knows how difficult it is to achieve the perfect frame. It is almost impossible to get a good picture, not filmed at the same time hundreds of selfie sticks. But British photographer Oliver …

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Myths about animals that still believe. Photo

Unbelievable, but true. Thanks to popular culture, gossip and poor-quality translations the world is replenished with new and new myths. Most of them very quickly refuted by science, and some time to settle down in the society and can even turn into Proverbs. “Hide your head in the sand”, “like …

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It looks like doubles of famous actors. Photo

Without them our favorite films would not work. Certainly you are not just coming from the back and took someone else, oboznavshis. People of our collection is regularly confused with the famous actors, and no wonder, because they are their official stand-in during filming. Posture, hair, clothes — everything should …

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Vivid images of everyday life in India. Photo

A selection of photos of everyday life in India. In this wonderful country bright and cheerful holidays footage interspersed with shots of poverty and misery of the lives of ordinary people. These pictures were taken by different photographers in December 2017. The population is 1 282 526 thousand (December 2015), …

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The enchanting beauty of the Norwegian fjords. Photo

Each fjord has its own characteristics and attractions. The fjords of Norway – these majestic mountain creeks — a unique natural phenomenon that leaves no one indifferent. Fjords, located in the Northern part of the West coast of Norway, were formed during the last ice age 10-12 thousand years ago …

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Girl turns old tools into sculptures. Photo

A second life to old tools. Cindy Chinn (Cindy D. Chinn) is a professional designer, who for many years worked as an art Director in a company producing games for the best casinos in Las Vegas. Today she has her own Studio where she does acrylic painting and sculpture in …

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Unusual traditions healers from South Africa. Photo

Initiation rituals of traditional healers in South Africa. In South Africa, when you are ill do not always go to the doctor. On all occasions there are herbalists, midwives, faith healers, soothsayers and others. Now in Africa there are about 200 000 traditional healers, and only 25 000 doctors working …

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