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Xiaomi Mi A1 will soon be updated to Android 8

Xiaomi company plans to upgrade the smartphone Mi A1 – its first device on pure Android, without the shell MIUI. Soon the candy bar will move to Android 8 Oreo, but first, Xiaomi will be beta testing firmware. The test will be held in semi-open mode – Xiaomi is accepting applications on its official website, but does not inform how it will conduct the selection of candidates.

Send a request right now, and the decision will be made on December 11, at the same time and he will start the beta test. Outset that to communicate with Xiaomi in English language and only in messenger QQ, in Russia unknown and unpopular. In short, it’s better to just wait for the final release and do not waste your time searching for bugs and firmware – still got it finished as it should. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Recall that the smartphone Xiaomi Mi A1 is included in the program Android One, which he was among the first to receive all updates from Google, including security patches. Yesterday Google released the Android firmware 8.1 but not yet reported, when it will come to Mi and A1 will arrive, if at all. If you need this smartphone with a shell MIUI, you need a Xiaomi Mi 5X – these machines are the twins in terms of appearance and toppings and differ only in the software component.

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