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Works: effective methods to overcome autumn depression

Проверено – работает: эффективные методы преодоления осенней депрессииExperts suggested, how not to get or quickly out of the vortex of autumn depression.

Minor notes in the mood for fall is normal and even familiar to the vast majority of people, but psychologists recommend not to delay the process of enjoying the autumn Blues, or he may develop into a deep depression and then it need special individual treatment.

Interesting facts explaining bad mood and lack of energy in the fall

It turns out that it’s all in the hormones, but rather, reducing one of the hormone “melanin” and increase in “melatonin” that is associated with the reduction of daylight hours. The hormone melatonin performs the function of sleeping pills, and since its level is increased because of the lack of sun, everyone constantly wants to sleep. Of course, every day people who feel an overwhelming desire to close my eyes and shut down, will become sadder and sadder.

Plus, decreases the production of serotonin, the so called hormone of joy. This is especially noticeable in women, because they are more sensitive to changes in air temperature, weather, change of climate and seasons. To help the endocrine system to produce serotonin in the required amount, you need to lean fish, nuts, hard cheeses, eggs, cereals, dried fruits, bitter dark chocolate, etc.

Effective methods to overcome autumn depression:

1. Use the last warm Sunny days this year with the benefit of body and soul. Often walk in the fresh air, and on the weekends leave town “a barbecue” or just to get some fresh air in the woods, for example.

2. Do some sport. By itself, physical activity does not allow a person to feel sad and depressed, and if the sport will start to engage the person with obesity, then its weight will gradually decrease, the joy is not the limit. Besides, daily exercise increase self-esteem and improve appearance, and prevent premature aging.

3. Enjoy in the morning. Experts recommend waking up a little earlier the rest of the household, brew yourself a coffee and go with him to the balcony or to the window to greet the morning sun. Here are a few useful things: delicious coffee, time for yourself, vitamin D, and lack of stress because you are in a hurry.

4. Surround yourself with bright colors. It can be flowers in your house or on your desktop, bright autumn fruits, bright clothing and textiles in the house. Everything around you should lift your spirits, and not to oppress him.

5. Let in the light. The lack of sunlight, as we have seen, affects mood and health, so open the Drapes or blinds of the house at work and let light into the room where you are.

And remember, only you can affect your life and well-being. Make yourself fall and be happy!

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