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Woman casual and I left the waiter “tea” hundreds of thousands of dollars

Женщина случайна оставила официанту «на чай» сотни тысяч долларовThe waiter did not use a mistake.

27-year-old waiter Armando Marceau of new York pizzerias, Patsy’s found the envelope while cleaning the table at which earlier had dinner one of the clients of the institution. A guy found a cheque for a substantial sum of money is 424 thousand dollars.

“Saturday is quite crowded, and I was ready to throw in the trash all that was left on the table, but at the last moment saw the envelope,” – said the young man. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Armando also added that this envelope had forgotten pensioner, who even not leaving him a tip for the service. The waiter gave the check to the owner of the establishment, and that, in turn, contacted the editors of local publications and found a mysterious client.

Delcam check was 79-year-old pensioner, a former social worker. Arriving at the school, she apologized to the waiter, who did not leave a tip, and offered to pay. However, the young man from the money he refused.

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