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Winter: when you need to translate hours

Зимнее время: когда нужно переводить часы In the night from 28 to 29 October the hours should be transferred on an hour ago.

The transition to winter time in 2017 in Ukraine will take place at 4 am Sunday, October 29. At exactly this time hands across the country will be moved back one hour.

On Sunday, Ukrainians will get one hour more sleep, but for him, according to doctors, will have to pay in stress, which will survive the body in the period of adaptation. To fully readjust to the new time and the treatment usually requires about two weeks.

According to experts, the transition to winter time most people carry easier than in the summer. However, this process is individual, also in the offseason, as a rule, people are more prone to stress, and their body is weakened.

“Transition to winter time can be complicated by seasonal colds and diseases, moreover, do not forget that many chronic diseases are exacerbated in the offseason. Therefore very careful and attentive to their health needs to be the people who suffer from vascular diseases, problems with kidneys and liver, and also digestive tract. Besides, often the mode change leads to sleep disorders, problems with concentration, irritability, reduced performance” – warned the doctor Victoria Savitskaya.

The main thing – to sleep!

To make it easier to survive the transition to winter time, it is important to get enough sleep. With the duration of sleep should be at least 8 hours and the output is not a sin and to add to that extra hour.

The doctor categorically does not recommend acceptance of additional medications without consulting with your doctor. This is especially true of sleeping pills these drugs will only postpone the natural adaptation of the organism to life at a new time. To deal with insomnia better herbal teas of mint, lemon balm, St. John’s wort, perfectly calm chamomile, marjoram and hawthorn.

In the struggle for internal comfort and sound sleep can help and pleasant aromas.

“Helps with insomnia smell of vanilla. It relieves fatigue and heaviness in the muscles, thus relaxing the brain. And, of course, lavender – this scent not only removes the stress and negative thoughts, but also creates ideal conditions for deep and restful sleep,” says the expert.

Try to keep the total sleep duration was a multiple of one and a half hour period – this is biotics with phases of fast and slow sleep. According to scientists, just more cheerful in the morning feeling the people who adhere to this recommendation.

Experts also recommend not to refuse the opportunity to take a NAP half an hour a day, if possible. It is proved that NAPs less than an hour helps improve performance.

To sleep was full, and the morning is fresh and enjoyable, it is advised not to eat later than 3 hours before bedtime, with dinner should be easy, no fried, smoked and spicy foods.

“An hour before sleep it is advisable not to turn on the computer or TV, much better to listen to light music or read a book. Be sure to turn off all the gadgets – they are flickering, even if it unbeknownst to you, it destroys the sleep hormone melatonin, does not allow the brain to completely disconnect from everything happening around, causing the sleep becomes shallow and intermittent,” said the doctor.

Adjust diet

Our health depends on what we eat, because in particularly stressful periods in the selection of products and dishes you need to pay special attention.

“The basis of the diet should be light vegetable food, preferably fresh, of course, vegetables, fruits, berries, greens, nuts and seeds. Times a day is useful to eat lunch or Breakfast natural cereals (not fast food, bags).

For example, oatmeal for Breakfast will provide the body with all necessary nutrients, trace elements and vitamins, and for lunch for the same reason it is useful to eat a serving of buckwheat or rice. Not to create the body of excess difficulties, you should restrict all fat, smoked, overly salty or spicy dish. Fatty red meats I suggest to substitute white meat chicken or Turkey. Very useful to enter into the diet more fish and seafood, which directly affects strengthening of immunity and the body’s resistance to negative factors with its abundant iodine content,” – said the expert.

In the coming days the doctor also recommends that you limit Smoking and to completely give up alcoholic beverages, as they disrupt sleep, which directly affects emotional state and depresses the Central nervous system.

As with the transition to the new time schedule of supply is also changing, experts recommend not to eat any processed food and fast food, as well as smoked sausage and bacon, as the digestive tract is only configured on the new regime and still not “know” when to release gastric juices and begin active work. As a result, these “heavy” meals long digested, not absorbed and can cause pain and even aggravation of chronic diseases.
For the same reason, are not recommended canned, and fried foods.
But sweet, I’m sure the technician should not give up. But we are talking only about natural chocolate, preferably black, and in reasonable quantities. Due to the abundance of caffeine and glucose, it provides the body with “quick energy” invigorates and promotes the production of happy hormone serotonin.

“Amid the oppression of the gastrointestinal system as a result change the mode of the day and meals should be included in the daily menu dairy products. Especially useful yogurt and kefir, which actively support a balance of beneficial microflora.

Do not forget about drinking regime, said the doctor. After all, if there is insufficient fluid in the body slows down the metabolic process, as well as many other processes, in particular, adaptation to the new regime and opposition to seasonal viruses.

The soft light and pastel colors

Since the transfer of the clock before the winter is associated with the “manipulation” on a light day, it is important a little to help nature and to properly adjust the light in the apartment and in the workplace.

“To help the body to adapt to new conditions, make the lighting in the apartment is milder nights and the brightest mornings. For this evening, the better off the chandeliers, all bright lights and be content with table lamps or sconces while reading, preparation for sleep, or complete household chores, and slide all curtains to the bright lights of a passing transport didn’t bother you. Morning, on the contrary, we should start, pushing aside all the curtains and turning on bright lights if you Wake up very early morning, or cloudy,” he added.

Some experts recommend to avoid too bright colors in clothes and makeup, citing the fact that they overload the already irritated nervous system and can cause a number of negative States from unwarranted aggression and irritation to apathy and depression. Therefore it is better to surround yourself with pastel tones and makeup and wardrobe to give preference to soft tones.


“To recover quickly, a simple self-massage – with the strength to massage the lobe and auricle. The fact that in these areas a variety of bioactive points, pressure upon which will help to energize the body. And when the nausea and dizziness you need to massage the fingers – this will help to normalize the pressure,” advised the expert.

This period is also recommended to pay special attention to your feet, which plenty of biologically active points. Acting on them, you can quickly restore the body from fatigue and stress, to give it tone. To do this, within minutes you need to massage with smooth but strong circular motions each foot: heel first, then toes, and especially their pads.


The transition to daylight saving time first introduced in Britain in 1908 for the economy and a more rational distribution of electricity during the day. The Soviet Union began to translate the clock for the first time only in 1981.

Currently, more than 110 countries around the world are switching to “summer” and “winter” time, 161 country time does not change, in particular, Guinea, Vietnam, Algeria, Afghanistan, Angola, China, Russia, Kenya, India, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Peru, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Philippines, Pakistan, Afghanistan and others.

The date when daylight saving to winter time in Ukraine, approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers in 1996. According to her, the transition to winter time in Ukraine takes place annually on the last Sunday of October, summer – the last Sunday of March.

In 2011 the Verkhovna Rada tried to abolish the transfer clock to winter time, but under public pressure, the decision was reversed.

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