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Winter “Friday the 13th”: the movie that we will not see

Earlier this year we learned that a new “Friday the 13th” is cancelled, and it was a completely unexpected and serious news for all fans of the series. Probably, bosses of Paramount Pictures, hearing the alarm bell, decided not to risk it with horror. In addition, the project repeatedly underwent significant rearrangements. So one of the versions of the script written by Nick Antosca and David Bruckner, and the latter also had to stage a picture. But it didn’t happen.

Nick Antosca is now its own series “channel Zero” which was well received by the public, will soon get not only a second season, but already renewed for a third and fourth seasons. In short, the guy came to success. It is a pity that “Friday” had not happened. Earlier Antosca already talked a little bit about what could be this movie, but only recently in talking about his show, he mentioned the new and curious details of that scenario.

For example, inspired Antosca movies “dazed and confused”, “Fast changes in the school Ridgemont high”, paintings of John Hughes and a little “Jaws”.

We just wanted to make a classic movie about Jason with the kids in the camp, then chop the cabbage, and cool murders and several characters that you really liked, well, it hadn’t killed them.

What would he Jason Voorhees? Those who managed to read the script of the new “Friday the 13th”, saying that the dudes were able to invest in the image of the villain with a machete the best of all films in the series.

David Bruckner talked about how to create your whole Jason in the film, but to give nods to other versions of Jason. Personally, I prefer the supernatural Jason. And I really like the way he is chained under water.

So, nothing to do with a realistic picture of 2009. What about the connection with the old movies? As you know, the mythology of the franchise was pretty uneven and inconsistent. About the plot holes, while not particularly bothered.

We said from the beginning that we need to mark all and select suitable elements of mythology to build a coherent story in a single film. Obviously, this did not correspond to the course of the franchise, and we expect a mountain of work. We have slightly changed the sequence of events that all made sense.

On that event the new tape had to turn around in the ‘ 80s, we have already heard, but now Antosca explains his logic.

I just think it’s right. This is the film about Jason, that I want to see. Here is the same idea as in “Very strange things” and in all this nostalgia, which we are seeing now around. It hovered in the air a few years ago. I still want to see the new “Friday the 13th in the era of the’ 80s.

Well, finally the most important — the action of “Friday the 13th” could happen in the winter!

We thought about the sequel during winter. The details were not clear, but it would be a story about the return of people to the place of awful carnage of the first film — perhaps after only six months after those events.

So, Crystal lake has frozen over, Jason walks through the snow in search of a Cup of hot chocolate and a couple of teenagers, which could have been chopped down to pieces… it is a Pity that nothing came of it.

I know that Platinum Dunes was ready to continue the work — they were delighted. But I heard different things — Paramount changed their mind about the reference to the 80s years, they wanted more mythology. In addition, began a corporate reshuffle, and the people who were into sports when I was hired, left the project. New people, apparently, wanted to do things his own way. It happens. I was curious to see the version, which they did, and I was disappointed when they too all fell apart.

However, Antoshka finally decided to be reassuring:

Remove “Friday the 13th” should not be too difficult.

Maybe not difficult, it just requires patience.

Let’s hope that Jason will return in 2019.

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