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Why business outraged by the decree on Sobyanin tests for coronavirus

Почему бизнес возмущен указом Собянина о тестах на коронавирус

“I already chipped in on the taxes, OK”: why the business outraged by the decree on Sobyanin tests for coronavirus

Sergey Sobyanin, extended the isolation and obliged working in the quarantine companies to conduct regular tests for coronaviruses for 10% of employees. The budget to pay for the tests will not, therefore, the initiative of the mayor will manage to businessmen in the sum from tens of thousands to millions of rubles a month

“Hate to say it, but still need to tune for a long period, associated with the spread of the epidemic. Unfortunately, such a reality” — said on 7 may the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin and extended a state of isolation until the end of may.

In order to extend the regime of self-isolation, published on the website of the mayor, there was a point obliging Moscow employers regularly to selectively test for coronavirus at least 10% of employees. The document has caused entrepreneurs have many questions: for example, in the text of the decree is not directly stated, what companies fall under this rule — only those whose work is restored in full on may 12 (production and building site), or all, in one form or another working in quarantine (any projects, ensuring delivery of their products or their pickup and involve employees in needalona mode).

According to the partner of the bar Association Pen & Paper Vadim Klyuvgant, “the logic of the document and common sense” say that the decree applies to all companies which is not allowed to work in quarantine. “In other words, tests for 10% of employees will need anyone who is showing signs of life now. The decree does not apply to those who are completely closed or transferred all employees to a remote work”, — says the lawyer. The wording of the resolution distributes its action only on those employees, which are state companies — and therefore thousands of couriers and taxi drivers working as self-employed or civil contracts and interacting with people most of the rest of the staff, can the tests do not pass, says Maximilian Grishin, international lawyer law firm “Ilyashev and partners”.

“These resolutions are written on the knee by the people that by law have an indirect relationship”

In addition, the document mentions that the employer during the period of isolation has no right to prevent to work of employees with chronic diseases. But in medical owner, mandatory for admission to work in certain professions, information on these diseases is not represented. The employer may not know anything about the disease, if the employee does not have disability. The regulation requires information about their disease to the employer provided the employees are apparently under the threat of fines under article of the administrative code of the non-compliance in case of emergencies. But will in fact be sanctioned for failure to fulfill this requirement, it is not yet clear, says Grishin. “It is not necessary to go to all these regulations as to the normal regulations — they are written on the knee by the people that by law have an indirect relationship. Very low qualification of the authors of these resolutions,” — said the lawyer.

The most painful thing was the question of who should pay for the testing. According to the newspaper “Vedomosti”, the government will not allocate funds for the purchase of tests, and shift the responsibility to the companies themselves. At least “the amount and small” in a crisis, they provide an additional burden on the already suffering losses in the business.

Forbes asked entrepreneurs what they think about a new government initiative and how much the business will cost to implement it.

“Send us the tests and will pay for it”

Ivan Ovchinnikov, the founder of the company for the construction of modular homes “Dubldom”

I think it’s kind of stupid. Who will test? Where are these tests? Where is the guarantee that the tests show correctly? I don’t see the point. From all of friends who tried to get the test for the coronavirus, I hear stories about a strange reaction of doctors: they are discouraged to do this test, no one comes. This is probably due to the fact that the healthcare system is overloaded and reload it for another million people who are without symptoms, it is necessary to do tests is very weird.

Honestly, I don’t know how much this testing and how much it will cost us. But in any case, when it comes to choosing between the to test employees and to work and not work at all, from the economic point of view advantageous to test and work. But to do it in an order stupid — send us a test and pay for it.

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There is the orders from above is common sense. The employer first needs to think a head and be responsible for their employees and the health of the team. There are a number of recommendations that are logical, but just for show to send someone on a paid test, very stupid.

Thousands of couriers and taxi drivers and interacting with people most of the rest of the staff, the tests may not be

“Another senile decision”

Nadezhda Pak, the co-founder of a network of cafe “Receptor”

To test 10% of employees, in my opinion, is not an adequate measure. First, why 10%? If testing, then all. Moreover, the test does not give the understanding, whether the sick man right now. But he may be sick and to be the bearer of tomorrow, and do them every day — quite beyond.

One test costs 2,000 rubles, which is quite expensive. This in itself is a strange measure, which is performed by entrepreneur. And so we have now no income. We have reduced all bone, and cut everything I could. I don’t know where to get the money to do these tests.

We ask children every day how employees feel Merim temperature and adhere to all the rules. But how do you know, for example, on chronic diseases, I don’t know. I guess if a person needs money, he’ll come and not say about its contraindications.

In General I would say that this is another senile decision, which tightens the screws. It’s not a great amount, but even so, I still don’t understand why we have to spend money on it. In all developed countries the tests are provided by the government. Why do we have this responsibility shifted to entrepreneurs, and so very difficult now?

“I already chipped in on taxes is fine”

Andrey Rogozin, a manufacturer of “smart” tables Tabula Sense

To me it all seems ridiculous. For me personally it’s not critical, because the small staff — 20 employees — and conventionally 2-3 people I can afford to test. But I think now there’s just nowhere to take these tests. Them and so not enough at all, and now all rush to execute the decree, and tests at all just not enough. May 12, I’ll probably have to send two employees to test — but again, it is unclear where to send them, then how to report on testing? None of this is spelled out.

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In terms of cost I’m not too worried. Even if the test will cost 5,000 rubles, I’ll be able to afford it.

This reminds me of “Brilliant hands” about lottery tickets: “you will Not take — we will disconnect gas”. The government has the same logic. Why 10% is unclear. Want to test — please come to test, I already chipped in on taxes is normal.

Regarding chronic diseases, again, I’m in an easy situation — I have a young team, no employees older than 40 years in the team, everything seems to be healthy. How to identify people with chronic diseases, should be performed as a requirement — no idea yet not thought about it. Solve other current problems.

“We’re doing all at own expense”

Nikita Polishchuk, co-founder of the network of cafes “Pear”

For us, this measure looks strange. I don’t really understand the technique of its execution and not exactly know why they have to test 10% of employees. If testing, then all. The cost per test — about 2500 rubles, that is, the total amount of the same test for us will be 25 000 rubles.

We want to be treated appropriately and not trying to put pressure on us unfulfilled orders. We’re doing all at its own expense: support staff, pay salaries, seek not to close and not leave people without work. Want to be treated with a little more understanding. The government should provide us with tests for free and with more information about how they will be collected and checked.

As for the non-admission of employees with chronic diseases, our staff often pass the examination, we have friendly staff, we openly communicate with each other. So in General I know the family situation of every employee.

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Main request to lawmakers — please give me specific instructions with a clear statement of what is and what is done. Our business is structured, it is very important to have everything laid out on shelves.

“Testing will cost 1.5 million rubles a month”

Vyacheslav Bocharov, the founder of service of Express delivery “Scooter”

Since April we have added a standard measure (non-contact delivery, masks and other protection for couriers) compulsory testing of employees of our warehouses in Moscow and St. Petersburg. We found the contractor for this study. Sampling of biological material is carried out by the medical officer and implemented through mobile teams. And our staff online get test results.

To work and now not open to employees with symptoms of colds: couriers with minor ailments reported health workers in chat rooms and on the work of the entire staff of the warehouses measures the temperature of the body.

“I don’t know where to get the money to do these tests”

For all employees of our warehouses the presence of a medical certificate — a prerequisite. When applying for a job (and further annually) all employees are examined. The results of the survey we get a conclusion on the admission of a particular person to work. Information about chronic diseases do not receive. It is likely that in the future when more stringent regulation that may be grounds for denial of admission of a person to certain types of activities. But while revisions in TK no, we can’t require disclosure of this information from employees — except that they’ll tell you about it voluntarily.

I know that there are regions where there is a shortage of materials for the test. But our service operates in Moscow and St. Petersburg. And in these cities we or our contractor not yet had any problems with the unavailability of tests.

The retail value of the test COVID-19 the market average is 1250 rubles plus the fee for a specialist for biomaterial fence. Now we spend about 1600 rubles for the test team. The procedure is repeated every 10 days.

“Scooter” for 700 million: as a soldier and economist came up with to deliver the products in 15 minutes ahead of “Yandex”

Only “Scooter” on the front lines now more than 3000 people in both cities, the presence. If you tilt the couriers, in Moscow alone about 300 employees of the warehouse (administrators, Directors etc.). It is just about 10%. Here for the dough 300 people a month you need to allocate 1.5 million rubles, provided the cost of the test is 1600 rubles, and repeat it every 10 days. Couriers we also tested, just not with such frequency and gradually. Not a fast process. And there is no difference in the state or not. All are equal.

“The cost of providing all sanitary norms estimated not less than in 10 million roubles a month

Daromir of Obukhanich, the General Director of group of construction companies MITS

On each construction site will be organized by the medical center. All employees will be held daily through contactless measurement of temperature and examination by the medical officer for symptoms of SARS. Persons identified with symptoms of SARS to work will not be admitted. The hospital will be handled in accordance with the law. Organized the construction of a medical station will be equipped with the necessary equipment, instruments, medicines, including tests to identify disease coronavirus infection. Testing will be conducted as individuals with symptoms of SARS, and to prevent infection to identify asymptomatic carriers.
Daily on the site there are about thousands of employees. At the prescribed minimum test, we estimate the cost of providing all sanitary norms not less than 10 million rubles per month at complex building.

“When are we going to return employees to the offices — is not clear

Georgy Lobushkin, a spokesman for the aggregator of taxi services “Citymobil”

We are only versed in the decree. If operational, can only point to a couple of points:

— drivers are not our employees, so if the issue concerns them, it is better to address to the taxi companies;

— the staff of headquarters while on remote, and when we bring them back — is not clear. This will not happen before the end of the isolation regime in Moscow. And that is exactly will happen gradually and with prior testing of the “crown”.

“If the business zakoshmaryat checks, it will be outrageous

Alexander Kalinin, President of “OPORA Russia”

For the company the risk of becoming a source of infection is much more serious than the damage from the tests at their own expense. We see this in the example situation on a large construction site in the Murmansk region. So carrying out tests and compliance with sanitary norms is, first and foremost, in the interests of the employer.

Another thing is that many are working on state contracts, which is a fixed price for the service, not involving additional costs for the purchase of tests. We believe that these contracts should be eligible for an additional adjustment. In General, all companies that operate in restrictive conditions, may raise the question of additional benefits. For example, asking for lower interest rates on income taxes, land taxes. You need to form a unified stance through business associations, and “Support of Russia” will participate in this process. This should be addressed at the level of the Duma and the government.

“It’s very easy in this situation to ruin the enterprise. But we must remember that we are in the same boat”

How big will be the financial burden on the company because of the need to buy tests will depend on the number of employees. The more employees, the higher the load. In addition to the tests because of the need to comply with other requirements. It’s also serious costs.

Would it be a problem to get tests, to be honest, I don’t know. If you enter such requirements, shall be provided the opportunity to purchase kits, or needs to operate the distribution system on them.

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How will verification of the performance of the new provisions is not yet clear. But we hope that the organs of control and supervision will behave adequately. If now zakoshmaryat business checks with huge fines 300, 000 for minor violations, it will be just outrageous. We are in the same boat. It is very easy in this situation to ruin the enterprise, or to make them closed.

About chronic diseases — have HR departments separate document to create, requiring employees to report about this particular health. I think that many have done. In principle, this is not news: for dental treatment, you confirm that you have no chronic diseases or Allergy to something. This is a common practice. But it must be clearly evidenced by an appropriate document.


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