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Who is behind the new Nokia smartphones?

As you know, Nokia has returned to the market communications with a number of conventional mobile phones and even the new Nokia smartphone 6. All were so excited to break its relationship with Microsoft, which is holding back its development by all means, but it turned out that the software giant is still invisibly present in almost every phone from Nokia.

This became known through the portal Hi-Tech Mail.Ru detail studied the new restored mobile phones from the Finnish brand. In fact, Nokia have remained only logo, because the manufacturer is still the same Empire bill gates — Microsoft. We are talking about the Nokia 150, which was to become the first mobile phone, released without the patronage of a software Corporation. But no, the phone is assembled at the factory with Microsoft in Vietnam, but charging for it came from the factory pipeline of Microsoft in China.
The question is, where does this company when the right to issue Nokia now owns holding Global HMD, bought is the right for 10 years? But apparently, all is not so simple, although the release devices were previously transferred to outsourcing Chinese company Foxconn, which signed a corresponding agreement. I wonder who produces the Nokia 6, and who will assemble next flagship of the Finnish company, which will mark the return of the legendary N-series?

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