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Who are the cappers, and how to choose a real professional

Кто такие капперы и как выбрать настоящего профессионала

Many of us at least once in my life seen people who put on sports. Advertising websites with different betting companies online “happy” users every day. And at least once from someone who saw this ad, stretched hand to click and find out how it all works? Someone enough just to see funny pictures and read unfamiliar terminology in order to close the “window” of the browser and never go to the address, others cover the excitement and they were in a hurry to bet, and others… These have begun to explore the question and find out whether you can do something to make money? And found the answer, that is possible, but only if you become a professional capper or to use their services.

Who are the cappers? - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The term “capper” known today to every beginner that is trying to capitalize on the sport. In a broad sense it means a person who receives money for giving the tips and “predicts” the outcome of the matches. However, in recent times, the cappers have been associated with frauds, a great number of countries in the network. They sell the failed predictions, offer the accounts, which either lose or simply steal money. Hence more in tune with the notion of “skamdicapper”, that is fraud in the betting environment. These scammers have no relation to sports. They create numerous sites and groups in social networks and attract the crazy players with promises of incredible profits. And to blame the gamers themselves, who only dream about millions of income for a few days without investing special resources and efforts.

It scammers and gamers spoiled the reputation of the cappers and destroyed the basic idea of their activities. I must say that the real cappers is, first of all, good analysts. They spend a lot of time collecting and processing of information, well versed in sports, or get insider information. And if a player cannot afford to spend a lot of time searching for a private line or to deeply explore the topic, coming to the rescue professionals who are ready to sell their knowledge.

And where do you choose the capper?

As it turned out, the Internet had been watching the work of these analysts. There are informational sites that gather data about fraudsters and make the ratings reliable experts, based on statistics and reviews. For example, These resources help users not to lose money.

What to consider when choosing a capper?

Sometimes the experts merge some free information, not having almost no value because proven forecasters are not willing to work for nothing. This is the first thing to consider for all have to pay.

Another sign of a professional – a justification of the reasons for the choice of the forecast and its description. You should pay particular attention to what the analyst says, what term is used, how much “water” in his words.

In addition, to see how it is profitable to work with this person at the first acquaintance it is better not to use their real account.

The main thing is not to rely on excessively high income: the promise of profit of 200% – a definite Scam, and 10-20% per month is quite expected result. Cheerleaders must offer single transactions, such as “fixed” or “train” these “seers” are very often the usual scams.

In any case, deciding to trust their money to a stranger, you need to be vigilant, as described in the article may help someone to avoid mistakes.

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