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Whether Russia will remain without meat for export to China?

Останется ли Россия без мяса из-за экспорта в Китай?

The USSR purchased abroad and even grain, as for meat on a few large cities, and is rarely seen in the free market. The current Russia the opposite is increasingly becoming a food exporter. Since the beginning of this year to June, the country exported meat worth more than $ 330 million.

The largest buyer of meat from Russia was China. In this country accounted for more than half of deliveries, 80 thousand tons. However, it is mainly on poultry and pork, lamb partly. But some types of meat Russia still imports – in particular, beef production is still unable to cope with the needs of Russian consumers.

The analyst of the agrarian market, doctor of economic Sciences Leonid Kholod said that the sale of meat abroad, not threatened by his presence on the Russian shelves:


– Export of meat – it is quite complicated, – said Leonid Kholod on radio Sputnik. In contrast to plant products, there are a lot of requirements. With China for a long time there were negotiations on the admission of the Russian meat market, gave a million representations and warranties. Meat exports to China have doubled, but you need to understand that the effect is zero base. That was less than two times, was a little, so much meat, even in China not exported – it may be thousands of tons, not more. Exported poultry, pork. The rest is very small amounts.


The production of pork and poultry in Russia is now redundant, and therefore something you can have and sell. In addition, according to the expert, in connection with reduction of solvent demand due to the impact of the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19, demand spilled over from meat to cheaper products, and exports allows to support rates, saving farmers from ruin.

– As for cattle, the situation is the opposite: meat is produced in insufficient quantities. Beef is expensive, the amount of acquisitions is not as big, the quality is not the best meat breeds we have bred very little. Almost all decent sausage beef includes technologically necessary. To meet the needs of the processing industry Russia beef imports. Russia risks nothing, as exports of beef are negligible. As for the mutton – the meat delicacy, made as much as is consumed in the markets it is, in large-scale export of our country is not observed.

Earlier it was reported that lamb produced in Russia mainly in the Stavropol region and North Caucasus, and from there in significant quantities exported to Iran. The modern diet of most Russians do consume it often, although in previous centuries it was the lamb was the main meat, which is eaten by the Russian peasants.

In terms of restrictive measures in connection with the coronavirus meat consumption by Russians increased by almost 15%. They began to give preference to expensive meats: ham, the loin, smoked and jerked sausages, ham and aspic. The demand for semi-finished products of red meat in March – April weekly had increased 10-12%, but the consumption of semi-finished products from poultry meat on the contrary has declined.

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