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Where to buy accessories for the prevention of coronavirus?

Pandemic coronavirus destroyed, all the familiar way of life, forcing the country to be isolated from each other by closing all means of communication. In many States, people were herded into their houses and apartments by entering quarantine, and in most pharmacies and stores disappeared antiseptics, Maxi and other means to reduce the risk of infection. Buy them now offline is now almost impossible, and we found the online store where you can do it.

To help the Russians in a hurry online store running a separate sectiondedicated entirely to the prevention of coronavirus. Its product range is comprised, first and foremost, the mask is the most important part, protecting from the ingress of coronavirus in the body. Moreover, the directory includes not only classic disposable mask, such as has recently been in every pharmacy, but also advanced reusable models.

If you wish, you can even choose a suitable design, and for those who are prone to respiratory diseases as a result of earlier disease, there are even protective half mask respirator 3M 6200, almost a mask. It protects not only from the coronavirus, but also from dust, and in its structure there is a special cotton filter activated carbon filter. The protection class of this mask – FFP3. The second type of goods for the prevention of coronavirus is a thermometer that allows you to change the temperature in a contactless manner.

In the directory presented as a budget entry-level models, and advanced thermometers that can be used in a variety of conditions and measure the temperature not only of body but also any other objects. It also has specialized medical oximeters, United in one body with the heart rate monitor. It is a compact device worn on the finger and allows to measure not only your current heart rate, and percentage saturation of blood with oxygen.

Of Course, The will offer you and sanitizer – antibacterial gel to kill the virus which can be on hand. All this, of course, is sold at very reasonable prices, so no need to seek out all of the above on Craigslist and take the risk of running into scams.

Need to add that to underestimate the coronavirus as the disease in any case not worth it. The number of cases in the world confidently approaching 1 million people and the number of deaths from it have already changed tens of thousands. In Russia of cases there really is, so the risk of catching it is very large.

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