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What’s wrong with the Commission to develop amendments to the Constitution

Что не так с составом комиссии по разработке поправок к Конституции

I’ll try to explain that from my point of view is wrong with the Commission to develop amendments to the Constitution.

In my opinion, the Constitution must develop two kinds of people. The first is a experts: lawyers, historians, political scientists, sociologists, human rights activists, philosophers, economists, etc. have a broad Outlook, a deep understanding of the problems of society and the state, is not politically biased and intellectually honest. Their task: to formulate possible institutional bifurcation, give their recommendations and provide the ideal wording of the final text.

In Putin’s list of the 75 people I counted only 12 scientists (and among them are many bureaucrats from science and the heroes of Discarnate), approximately the same can be considered experts in some narrow topics (like problems of small peoples or small business). Independent human rights activist, there is generally only one — Elena Alshanskaya, but she is a specialist in children’s rights, and everything else is somehow left out of the equation. While in our country there is no shortage of high quality professionals, but instead list some obscure GONGO.

The second group, who must develop the basic law, — the representatives of all political forces. That is all, including non-systemic (with the possible exception of those who in principle rejects democracy). This will ensure, first, the justice system (when each group will realize that sooner or later it may find itself both in the government and in the opposition), and second, its legitimacy, because no one can say that their opinion was not heard. Otherwise, instead of a balance of power we will get her usurpation, and the attempt to freeze the status quo.

A cursory study of the list of the commissions formed, I counted 25 members or deputies of “United Russia”, as well as 11 functionaries of the popular front and 4 confidants of Putin in the last election. Most likely, if you dig, they will be more. Yet there are two representatives from the Communist party and five from the CP. All. That is essentially the amendments to the Constitution will be to develop members of the ruling party (which, recall, is so “broad public support” that does not dare to go on elections under own brand) without any regard to other political forces.

Only consolation is that obviously the amendments will be (or already is) written in the Administration of the President transmitted to the Commission, where in the best traditions of the USSR Supreme Soviet and the state Duma adopted without much discussion.

Oleg Kozlovsky, activist

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