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What if you woke up in another world?..

This question was asked by the creators of the film “the Sleepwalker” (Sleepwalker), a trailer which we got tonight.

Actually quite strange that this movie hardly ANY-thing before could be heard. Kind of like the world premiere was held in February, the then Directors Elliott Lester, recently starred in the drama “Consequences” with Arnie, the main roles are played by Ana O’reilly (“I See only you”, “totem”) and Richard Armitage (the Red Dragon from the TV series “Hannibal” and Thorin-Oakenshield from “the Hobbit”). I agree – not a superstar, but not the last people in the here and now. And the concept of the movie seems quite interesting:

Sarah goes to the clinic in order to cure insomnia and nightmares, but instead starts to feel disturbing changes every time when he wakes up. With the help of a doctor she tries to return to normal life, slowly unraveling the stable node of dreams, reality, and tragic past.

Check out the trailer and tell me what’s the catch here, why this film no one anywhere, ever?..

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