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We drove, drove: review of the film “Local” (2018)

The United States after the sudden chemical attack turned into a desolate battlefield street gangs. On deserted roads in the southern direction goes a couple – mark and Nina. On the way they meet one another the danger of a new lawless world, and every encounter with its inhabitants turns into a dangerous survival game.

If you do not know what to shoot – shoot a road movie. A similar slogan can be very useful to be wished a post-apocalyptic tape Mike P. Nelson, in which nearly every scene breathes laziness and unwillingness to come up with something new. “Logan”, “Road”, “Media” – all of these is not an example of a better tape turns come to mind while watching, but only in the context of “why not try and do something at least at the same level?”.

The star of “teen Wolf” Tyler, Hacklin plays a pale copy of Joaquin Phoenix, but at least it tries, and the presence of Kate Bosworth at all surprised – think the role was written for a little girl, which would tend to make rash actions and from time to time to whine. Then her character and experience would have liked more, and her actions would justify the age, (because you need to be incredibly stupid to be hiding from assassins in a quiet, abandoned house, put on the earphones and switched on the loud music). But no – instead, we have another half-forgotten actress who doesn’t even try to play. Quite so cardboard is out with the characters of the second plan and sickly caricature hospitable family (which distracted from lunch to romantic to dance under the “special song” on the radio), and squinting at pricewatch villains from a Mad max-antagonist, and taking bets on “Russian roulette” the owner of an underground club.

A small chance that this whole bag in at least one episode shot, there would be if the script writers managed to reveal the main characters. More precisely, if at least they tried to do it. It would be well worked at least some kind of irony of jaded moves, even a slight displacement of history from the trampled path. But alas, senseless and bezinteresno the plot is served “on a serious soup” and not even trying something to entertain the audience. Even in store for the middle of unexpected twist makes the story deeper, and its members is brighter, only highlights the total hypocrisy and secondary. On the downside of the idea is to say from the beginning – because the destruction and degradation of civilization it does not explain! The script is saying to us: “you know, the world collapsed, who cares why – let’s talk about what happened”. Approach, to put it mildly, wrong.

The only justification for the creation of the film, which comes to mind after watching is that the Director put a gun to his head and threatened to shoot if he did not withdraw the post-apocalyptic Thriller. And he took it off: boring stuffed to the brim with cliches, never bothered with the study of actors and sklepow script “somehow.” There is no caustic satire, nor a busy Thriller and disassembly painted in the colors of the American flag of street gangs in the spirit of “the purge” is unremarkable. “Local” is forgotten within minutes after viewing – so whether it is worth spending time on them?

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