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“Victory” will fly from Moscow to Riga

The airline “Victory”, calling themselves “low cost”, is set to start in a month flights from Moscow to Riga. From July 5 she is going to fly through this area twice a week on Fridays and Sundays and from 16 September the line will become daily (except Tuesdays in September), reports sob.Q.

Departure from Moscow (Vnukovo airport) at 18.30, arrival in Riga at 20.10. Reverse departure at 20.50, arrival in Moscow at 22.30. Characteristically, the “Victory” I tried almost exactly the same schedule of one of the two daily flights to its rival Utair. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

On line will use a Boeing 737-800 in a single-class configuration 189 seats. On most autumn dates prices starting from 3299 rubles in one direction without taking into account the prices of baggage, seat selection and other things. On most summer dates rates are higher. Recall that the Latvian carrier airBaltic has recently introduced bezbashennye tariffs on the route Moscow – Riga.

Passengers wishing to use the services of “Victory”, it should be borne in mind a number of features of this airline, to exercise extreme caution and care and be prepared for the different challenges and surprises as at the time of booking and during the flight. Recall that the “Victory” allows free transport or miniature hand baggage with weird dimensions 36×30×27 cm, or a handbag or briefcase without size restrictions.

Transportation of small baggage of “Victory” has recently risen, although it remains relatively affordable – 777 rubles for 10 kilos of hold Luggage advance purchase and 1,000 rubles when you pay at the airport. Luggage to 20 kilos on this line costs 1499 rubles (at the airport – 3000 RUR). It is worth remembering that for all online charges of “Victory” must be added 2%.

Food on Board is missing regardless of the length of the flight, and attempts to get my food in a separate package can result in a requirement to pass this package in your Luggage for 3000 rubles (if it doesn’t fit with the rest of the hand Luggage in the “calibrator” “Victory”). When buying on the website “Victory” in a ticket at a minimum rate of “Standard” default company includes paid insurance, to get rid of which have to uncheck corresponding items at the bottom of the page of range of additional services.

There are problems in the delivery or change of ticket in case of failures in flights or schedule changes – free phone call-center for involuntary changes and refunds “Victory” is hidden. With the boarding flight worries too – “Victory” could drive passengers to the bus platform before the appearance of the aircraft at the airport. Seat selection fee, and to encourage the purchase of this service, “Victory” may intentionally sit down together flying passengers to the opposite ends of the interior and prohibits transfer to another place. At the time, this has led to loud scandal: “Victory” handed to the police a family with a baby for trying to reunite parents in the plane after the airline deliberately seated them at different ranks in an effort to earn extra 149 rubles to each of the passengers for a change.

The recent “Victory” has introduced the possibility of fixing the price of the ticket for 48 hours. However, the service this paid – to the final price will be added to 509 rubles for each flight segment of each passenger. You should use it only in the case that the probability of a substantial increase in the price of a ticket in the next two days.

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