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Vast trousers, doll dresses and other fashion fails stars for November

Необъятные шаровары, кукольные платья и другие модные провалы звезд за ноябрь I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world. Life in plastic, it’s fantastic — the lines of this song immediately came to our mind when we looked at the jumpsuit Sendai.

We were delighted that celebrities finally broke up with their stylists losers or slightly pulled materiel in style. However, long our joy lasted. As a result, meet our next charts are not the best images of stars!

We noticed that in November, the stars basically made a mistake in the fitting of their outfits. All at once why-that has decided that dresses now have to deform the shape. So, singer fergie, wearing trendy mini dress in sequin, was a mess due to improper geometry! The stripes on the dress made her manly figure is similar in shape to the figure of a professional swimmer.

If such celebrities as Rihanna, Miley Cyrus or Nicole Richie, have become regulars of headings with fashionable failures, here’s top model Lena Perminova gets in this list for the first time. Yes, the famous it-girls, too, are error. No one is immune from selection of the dress, made of tulle. However, from Lena this of course we did not expect.

By the way, the way Kim Kardashian could be one of the most successful, despite the bare chest. The TV star he had only to pick up the suit on the figure, and not hide your shape under baggy cloth.

The other star look and look in our gallery and try not to repeat them “fashionable”. Promise?

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