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Vasily Utkin called brutes and traitors Olympic Champions who were caught doping

Василий Уткин назвал скотами и предателями олимпийских чемпионов, попавшихся на допинге

Well-known sports journalist and blogger Vasily Utkin rigidly commented on the doping disqualification biathlete Evgeny Ustyugov, where Russia lost the gold medal in the Sochi relay and first place in the overall medal standings of the Olympics-2014.

“I want to say that you guys are former Olympic Champions, Olympic Champions deceptive, betrayed a sense of sentimentality. It would probably be easier if I practiced the swearing on this account. I want to attract Russian swear – perhaps you it was expected of me. But you don’t deserve that. You are what can be called a bad word, you traitors. You are just traitors. This bestial act. About you always will remember this. You will live long, you athletes, you have good health,” said Utkin in the program on your YouTube channel.

In the sample Ustyugov, who fled the relay race along with Anton Shipulin, Alexey Volkov and Dmitry Malyshko, was found a heavy steroid Oxandrolone.



“You tricked out of thousands of people. You deceived those who shall come after you. Well, that and live with it, do not know how the liquid gets into your body. Understand though, through some hole. Brutes” – summed up the Basil.

Meanwhile, representatives of the Diaspora spoke in defense after the disqualification of Alexander Loginov, who won two medals at the world Championships in Antholz, including the first in 12 years, gold in the individual competition.

“‘ve been through so much man, so many tragedies. He wished, he was forced to shoot up! I know this for sure, can answer for his words,” said Sport24, the former head of the Union of biathletes of Russia, quadruple Olympic champion Alexander Tikhonov.

“I think that it was not his initiative (to take EPO), this is a question for the coaching staff, who at the time worked. If the coaches did not know that a person does some things, then that’s a great question. This is a question to the doctors who worked with a team, because the most this is impossible,” – said in an interview with TASS the head coach of Russian national team on biathlon Anatoly Kovantsev.


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