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Useful properties of celery for weight loss

Полезные свойства сельдерея для похуденияCelery – a great alien from Mediterranean countries.

When a woman decides to lose weight, she’ll do anything to achieve his goal.

Someone you leaned on the diet or drugs for weight loss, others with the head whaddat in physical workouts and exhausting your body.

Very often to lose a few pounds, women torturing your body for several months!

Of course, all these methods can really help, but using them in combination can achieve good results, but there’s an easier way to lose weight using fresh celery. For many years it is known that celery for weight loss can help to deal effectively with excess weight.

100 grams of celery contain only 18 calories, but it is very nutritious, so using it in your diet, you’ll lose weight and not to exhaust yourself with excessive loads.

Very often used for weight loss celery juice for his prostate making and good results. The prepared juice to drink 3 times a day before meals. To complement its other vitamins, you can mix with carrot juice, a spoonful of honey or juice of the nettle.

Those people who do not like the juice, you can make a soup out of celery, which is no less effective in the fight against obesity. For reviews of people using the soup within a week, people lose up to eight pounds!

For dinner, prepare a salad of celery, add carrots and turnips. It is quite simple, grate all the vegetables into one container, add salt to taste, drizzle with fresh lemon juice and season with vegetable oil.

As you can see, the useful properties of celery are very large and have applications in many areas from weight loss to cooking tasty and useful food.

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