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Ukrainians warned of attack

Украинцев предупредили о хакерской атакеThere did not exclude the second wave of a cyber attack.

The security service of Ukraine warned about the possible new cyber attacks on the networks of Ukrainian institutions and enterprises. On Friday, August 18, the press center of the Ministry.

So, the SBU recalled a large-scale cyberattack using malicious software Petya, which began on June 27.

“The analysis of consequences and assumptions of this attack it was found that it was preceded by the collection of data on the enterprises of Ukraine with their subsequent cover-up in cookies and sent to the command server. The specialists of the SBU believe that this information was the target of the first wave of cyber-attacks and can be used with these initiators as cibernetico, and in order to further destructive actions”, – stated in the message.

The Ministry did not rule out the possibility that attack the virus Petya was a preparatory phase of the second wave of attack through the interception of the details of access control.

Given this, the SBU recommends the following:

– implement a mandatory password change user access krbtgt;

– implement a mandatory change of passwords to all accounts in the domain controlled by the area of the its;

– to change the password of access to server hardware and the programs that operate in its;

– identified on a compromised PC to carry out the compulsory change of all passwords that were stored in the settings of the browsers;

– re-change the password of the krbtgt user;

restart the KDC service.

Recall, the NBU warned of the attack by August 24.

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