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TV presenter Alexander Milk beaten into a concussion

Alexander Molochko was admitted to a hospital in Tambov. The crew of the show “Magazzino” arrived at the local indoor market. In one of the departments found a huge number of products with expired shelf life. The presenter went to the market Director to discuss the situation.

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But the Director chose to avoid talking with the TV people. However, the crew managed to locate a fugitive: he was trying to hide in his office. Milk prevented to close the door for him, having to put a foot in the doorway. However, this has not stopped the Director and he’s clutching his leg Alexander, still trying to hide from the cameras at the door. The guards ran up and tried to twist the broadcaster. During the scuffle, he hit her head hard.

Familiarity with the Tambov started with a concussion in the Indoor Market…

Publication of Alexander Milks (@aleks_milka) Mar 4 2017 5:08 PST

The ambulance came and hospitalized the Milk, which he lost consciousness on the way to the hospital. The TV presenter was diagnosed with a bruised leg, torn ligaments, concussion and traumatic brain injury. Alexander is still in the hospital, but he has managed to write a statement to law enforcement.

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