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Top 5 horror films about sharks-cannibals

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The film, which will be the leader of this top, you all know in advance, but what place will the new hire, the painting of Johannes Roberts’ “the Blue abyss” (47 Meters Down) , and if she is worthy of actually getting into the list of the best?..

Another question you are fully entitled to ask: why in this top five paintings? After all of the horror movies about sharks filmed a lot more – dozens, if not hundreds. It is, but good films of this sort really is not a lot. Their little animal horror in General and the cause appears to be a limited knowledge and imagination of the writers. Such films or expultion previously developed themes and motifs, or spit on elementary logic, as happens in 99 cases out of 100 have studios like The Asylum. Sometimes, however, deliberate carelessness reveals the only advantage of cheap trash tapes like “Mega-shark vs giant octopus” – they, unlike many other capable though something to surprise.

So we gathered in my top, if not the best horror movies about sharks (let’s add to our list in the comments, if that), the most important and noticeable among them.

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