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Top 5 applications of oil and gas

Топ-5 сфер применения нефти и газа

The majority of the world consumption of oil and gas comes from transportation. For the rest of the industry, such as oil and gas processing plants, utilities, commercial use and electric power plants have far less hydrocarbons.

Resource Oil Price have made the top 5 areas in which used oil and gas. In the example shown, the United States, which daily consumes about 20 million barrels of hydrocarbons, with 69% of this volume uses the transport.

In fifth place is the oil and gas chemistry, accounting 0,703 million barrels per day. Although mostly we are talking about methane and ethane, refers to any type of gas produced in refineries by distillation, cracking, reforming and other processes.

This, in particular, ethylene, butane, butylene, propane, propylene, and others. They are often used as fuel for refinery operations or as a raw material for the petrochemical industries.

Hydrocarbons will compose the raw material for production of plastics, fertilizers, packaging, digital devices, medical equipment, detergents and tires. In fact, one of the key beneficiaries of the U.S. natural gas boom has become a global plastics industry.

Fourth place – jet fuel for jet engines (1.71 million barrels per day in US only). According to experts, the global demand for aviation fuel will increase significantly over the next 40 years as demand for freight and passenger transportation increases continuously.

The demand for freight transport will grow by 2.6% annually, while passenger air travel by 2050 will triple. The main driver of this process will be Asia. However, the aviation industry is under pressure from environmentalists, trying to work to reduce carbon emissions.

However, while only two airlines in the world has officially committed itself to achieve the goal of zero CO2 emissions by 2050. The first was British Airways , which plans to invest in clean fuel and to replace old planes more efficient within the next five years. The second was Qantas, plans to invest 50 million dollars over 10 years to help in the development of clean fuels.

In the third place, the use of hydrocarbon gases (3.01 million barrels per day) This group includes propane, ethane and butane, they are manufactured in factories for the processing of natural gas and the refinery.

Of these, propane is the most commonly used gas in the United States, where he entered the gas stoves in private housing, and also used in the commercial sector for heating. Hydrocarbon gases are also on plastics, paints and resins.

Second place in the list of oil consumption in the US is a distillate fuel oil which includes diesel and heating oil. Diesel fuel is mainly used in transport and diesel generators. Fuel oil is mainly used as fuel for heating and to generate electricity at thermal power plants.

Total consumption of distillate fuel in the United States in 2018 amounted to approximately 4.15 million barrels per day, or 20% of the total demand in the country. By the way, this has led to the release of 461 million metric tons of carbon dioxide, 24% of all CO2 emissions in the transport sector of the US and almost 9% of the total CO2 emissions related to energy.

Number one – the petrol, and today it is the most widely used petroleum product in the United States. Last year motorists USA consumed of 9.33 million barrels of oil per day, almost half of all raw materials used in the country. The burning of distillate and gasoline yields 81% of all CO2 emissions in the United States.

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