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TOP 10 horror games of 2017 from Michael Pavlov

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Look through this list and realize how everything has turned out to be a gorgeous outgoing year from the standpoint of a fan of horror!

Genre movies were rattling all over the world, set records at the box office, won critical acclaim. Remember how much noise was from a guy with 23 personalities? How dark, horse, scored a news feed? I not to mention Pennywise! This fall the red ball hanging on a string from each iron! However, there were other projects, less loud, but sometimes less interesting.

As you can see, I decided to limit ten the best, and it became a challenge to yourself, for it is worthy of tapes was much larger, and most importantly, to rank them not always seemed possible.

In addition, several of the paintings not included in my top because they were too weak or was absent at all it is the horror component. So, for example, I want to mention the Norwegian supernatural Thriller “Thelma”. There is everything: the cold landscapes of Norway, heartfelt performance of young Actresses, tension, death and even Jesus is gay. Or that “the Fight in the block 99” — dark, very hard film, this Valhalla is the name Tarantino, but still not horror. Must be ekraniziruya king, hard to do without a horror, Mike Flanagan , in his “Gerald’s Game” really makes steps into the territory of this genre, but comes close. I think this is a new classic, though not horror.

But we’re interested in something bigger, something harder, something scarier? So let’s go!


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