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To dispel the myths about heart failure

Развеяны мифы по поводу сердечной недостаточностиScientists have refuted some of the most popular myths.

In particular, the allegation that victims of the disease harmful physical load, is not true. In reality, sports can be one of the treatments.

Scientists have refuted some of the most popular myths in relation to heart failure. They also stressed that a significant number of people are not aware about this life-threatening irregularities in the heart. For example, 25% of respondents believe that patients with heart failure absolutely can not play sports. Few people have heard that physical activity is one means of treatment of this pathology. It turned out that a significant number of people put an equal sign between heart failure and heart attack, although the first is a chronic and long-developing condition in which the heart cannot pump enough blood through the body, and the second is sudden and dramatic deterioration of the heart after the blockade of its blood-supplying arteries. Usually, heart attacks are the result of the death of the heart muscle.

Another common myth is the fact that only older people get heart failure. With about 4% of all patients with the heart disease under 55 years. Some diagnosed in adolescence. Many believe that heart failure means stopping of the heart (which is observed in acute heart failure but not chronic). Actually, the authority now requires additional support to pump blood throughout the body.

It’s amazing how many people see heart failure as something not very serious. Unfortunately, three years after the diagnosis of a life goes up to 70% of patients with heart failure. Related to this is another myth: if you have heart failure, a condition supposedly will only get worse. In reality, the scenario of development of the disease it is difficult to predict, and in each patient it is different. People can take control of this pathology, and even significantly reduce the severity of symptoms.

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