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These tips will help to prevent accidents in foggy weather

Эти советы помогут уберечься от ДТП в туманную погоду In the fog it is recommended to use extreme caution.

The presence of fog on the road is particularly dangerous for all road users.

While driving on the highway outside of the city, provided poor visibility creates a danger for drivers, as the next few items they can see only at a distance of 100-150 meters.

This greatly increases the risk of getting into an accident. To prevent accidents, please remember the following rules which will help when driving in poor visibility conditions:

– when visibility is poor in the first place, should be included dipped headlights in conjunction with fog lights. This will help make the vehicle more visible on the road.

Incorrect is the widespread belief that fog lights are needed only for lighting during bad weather, as well as including them together with the headlights.

– with a thick fog, moving even at the correct speed becomes dangerous. The vehicle speed must be such as to be able to almost instantly stop, because the road there may be cars there because getting in a traffic jam or accident.

– the best option – riding distance from the vehicle in front, sufficient in order not to lose sight of him.

And of course, you must follow specified site speed limits.

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